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The future of bookkeeping task tools is here.

by XBert Team ~ 3 min read

The best task tool for bookkeepers is one with AI Audit built in.

If the ensuing craziness of the past 18 months has taught us anything about the bookkeeping industry, it’s that when hard times hit, bookkeepers are the unsung heroes of data integrity to help keep businesses make the right decisions.

It’s also taught us that having scalable, clear systems in place for bookkeeping workflow is crucial. Less time spent on manual checks, audits and rework for bookkeepers, means more time for client advisory. And task management tools need to be smarter to help business owners and advisors with all of it. But where do you start in a sea of options?

A great place to begin is with the product(s) that are made for bookkeepers and the way you work. Sure, there are loads of task tools out there: but they’re not necessarily developed specifically for the bookkeeping industry and there can be some gaps in the processes and features that can make your work life easier.

Dedicated to making work life easier for bookkeepers

Using a task tool is an excellent start to streamlining your workflow and will save you hours no doubt. However, if you’re really wanting to supercharge your business, you want one with AI-Audit built in.

XBert was created with the mission to not just streamline task and process management in bookkeeping by automating your office tasks – but to also help reduce your manual tasks, while giving complete visibility over financial data. We believe this is the future of what people should expect in a task management tool: not just the ability to automate your daily tasks, but to reduce manual workload, ensure data integrity and facilitate client collaboration, all in one spot.

XBert’s AI-Audit with task and process automation is one of the only tech solutions on the market that been built specifically for the way bookkeepers work.

Using sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms to audit and analyse financial data, cross-checking it with our data warehouse and others to identify risk, discrepancies, and anomalies, XBert will alert you to tasks that require attention – before you may even realise there’s an issue. Our tricky XBerts (eXpert Business alERTS) also contain a deep link directly to the issue in your accounting software. With one click you can resolve or assign to someone to take over. You will no longer waste time on manual work checks, audits or time-consuming rework. It’s all about making your life as simple as we can, while maintaining data integrity.

Less manual tasks? Yes please!

With XBert’s AI-Audit trawling your data multiple times a day and flagging issues as they arise – there will be less manual tasks for you to do in your day-to-day bookkeeping practices. Think ABN and GST status checks, attachment parsing, missing details for TPAR – these will all be flagged for you.

What’s more, with our custom Templates and Process automation, you can automate task creation for effective workflow management and visibility. All your common workflows like end-of-month, reconciliation or tax prep will be a breeze, with all your Tasks being created and visible on your Work board. Not only does this take any guess work away from where you’re at (or where the team is at) it will also ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery for your clients.

Trust the numbers

Now more than ever we know, business survival depends upon smart business decisions – and those decisions depend on having access to accurate, up-to-date financial data. With XBert running checks and audits multiple times a day, bookkeepers can help business owners with meaningful numbers and better advisory, knowing the data is accurate.

Growing advisory is the future for professional bookkeepers. As technology evolves, a bookkeepers role is now moving toward more trusted advisory than data entry professional. While this has always been the case for many bookkeepers, the difference now is that AI and machine learning can do much of the heavy lifting in obtaining analytics and data for insights into their clients business health.

XBert is designed to help bookkeepers do exactly that, without spending hours trawling data and looking for trends. With XBert analytics, you’re able to gain deep insights into the the real financial health of your clients business, all at the click of a button.

Client collaboration

Client collaboration has never been easier with XBert. Forget lengthy email chains and time consuming phone calls when you’re chasing information. Simply forward emails into your client task dashboards, map it to a process, and assign it as you send it. The email is transformed into a new task where you can comment and assign back to your client, ensuring you have a neat trail of correspondence.

You can also assign Tasks from your Work board to clients you’ve invited into XBert. They can then upload attachments, make comments and ask questions as needed, all within the one system. This feature is also really handy for a neat trail of correspondence for compliance purposes.

Where to next?

XBert has set out to be the most exciting and comprehensive task management and data integrity tool available and we work closely with our users to ensure that happens.

If you're looking to scale your business, find efficiencies, manage more clients and have full visibility across your team - then you need XBert in your life.

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