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10 Australian bookkeeping blogs you need to read

by Kue Hall ~ 3 min read

Australian bookkeeping blogs are underrated. There are wide range of accounting and bookkeeping experts writing about industry specific updates, developments and business tips.

We think bookkeeping blogs in Australia are underrated. Whether you're looking for a breakdown of legislation changes, advice for growing your business or a commentary on industry developments...accounting and bookkeeping blogs are a great way to find it.

Here, in no particular order, we share some of our favourite Australian accounting and bookkeeping blogs and bloggers. From sole trader paperless firms, to large practices with outsourced teams and even experts in automation and accounting apps, there's something for everyone!

Bookkeeping Blogs we love:

These guys design and deliver best practice solutions for accounting firms. Founded by a former practice manager and partners who just wanted to focus on doing their job with an accountant who’s worked through (and in) the cloud accounting revolution, the Clarity Street team have some great advice to share. From detailed interviews with app providers, to full disclosure on their own preferred app stacks, this is an excellent blog for honest reviews and industry expertise.

Heather Smith, known as the ‘Hype Girl for Accounting Apps’ and friend of XBert, is an expert in tech-based solutions for accounting and bookkeeping and is passionate about educating the accounting community to positively embrace accounting apps. Host of ‘Cloud Stories’ podcast, author of multiple cloud accounting books (including Xero for Dummies) and Editor of Accounting Apps newsletter – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more informative, enjoyable and educational blog about tech-based solutions for the industry.

Heather Smith

Xeta is an innovative ‘full-stack’ finance team that expanded across Australia in 2020. The team at Xeta pride themselves on managing every aspect of business from the finance side, so business owners can focus on sales and strategy. Their blog breaks down industry developments, gives great information about ways to build your competitive advantage and collaborating within the industry.

Melbourne-based bookkeeping service and business advisory service Centegrity have an information-rich blog, packed with advice and information. Covering everything from preventing embezzlement to reinventing your business and understanding social responsibility in business – this feature rich blog is worth visiting if you’re looking to stimulate the brain with industry-specific tips and tricks.

This one’s a no-brainer, right?? Xero is now arguably the most popular cloud accounting software with future-focused bookkeepers. It’s no surprise their blog is filled with great info on the latest developments, new software add-ons that are making life easier and creating events for the community to get involved in.

With more 1100 members across three countries, Pure Bookkeeping is a group created by expert bookkeeper Debbie Roberts and business coach Peter Cook to help bookkeepers use best practice in their business from the outset. As you can imagine then, this blog is rich with great tips, tricks and recommendations that can help any bookkeeper streamline their business and stay abreast of the latest industry developments. Information on creating habits, investing in your business, EOFY activities and behaviours – that’s just a small taste of what you’ll find on their blog.

There’s nothing better than learning from those on the ground! Michele Grisdale established Rainforest Bookkeeping in 2009, embraced tech-based solutions as they developed and is completely paperless. As a Xero Silver Champion Partner, Receipt Bank Gold Partner, registered & Certified BAS Agent and a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, it’s safe to say she knows what she’s talking about.

Specialising in business and the Not-For-Profit sector, the guys over at Hopscotch Accounting share some excellent insights into the sector that can sometimes be a bit of a mine field. With both Australian-based and outsourced teams, their breadth of knowledge on scaling your business effectively is impressive.

Having assisted small business in Australia since 1997, specialising in trades and construction businesses. They’re straight-shooters, love to have a laugh and have plenty of expertise to share. If you enjoy a giggle while you're learning, then this blog is your go-to!

And, of course - ours! We work closely with bookkeepers and accountants every day and are constantly adding new features as requested by our users. You can find all our latest release news, Case Studies and helpful information from industry experts on our blog here.

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