How to get bookkeeping tasks done fast | Catch risks early and keep money where it belongs

by XBert Team ~ 2 min read

XBert can help you manage bookkeeping tasks easily and efficiently so that you reduce risk and save money

As a business owner, your plate is usually fuller than a guest's at a supplier-funded buffet. It's hard trying to stay afloat and get everything done in the measly 24 hours you have. Then there's the books.

If you manage the books and accounts yourself, you probably fit this in late at night, between the hundred other things you need to complete each day, on weekends, or on-the-go.

If you're a bookkeeper, you're managing multiple clients along with all the tasks and requests that come with those clients.

It can feel overwhelming. No wonder things can get buried in all the paperwork, messages, and process, and sometimes slip through or get missed entirely.

Chaos theory isn't great for bookkeeping

How do you manage your workflow efficiently and prioritise urgent tasks amidst all the mayhem?

If your business, or your client's business, has money at risk, will you know before it's too late?

To solve this issue, we created the search and filter feature for XBert to help you quickly find what you need, prioritise workflow, and resolve risk alerts.

This feature is available on your XBERT, CONNECT and TASKS dashboards. You'll see the search bar and filter menu on the right, just below the Settings drop-down panel.

XBert Filters 1200

You can filter XBerts and tasks using: Due Today, Flagged status, Resolved or Unresolved, Filed, Assigned To Me, or if it's a task, Created By Me.

Use just one filter, or any number, as required. Then, order the results using: Newest, Due Date, Risk Type, or Risk Amount so you can stay on top of things and resolve the most urgent risks first.

Use the Search field for finding tasks and XBerts assigned to a particular team member, or containing words such as a supplier or client name, an amount, or XBert detail, e.g. GST or expense.

Bookkeepers, accountants, advisors, and multiple business owners who use XBert CONNECT have the search and filter feature on their CONNECT dashboard, in addition to within each connected organisation.

On the CONNECT dashboard, search by organisation name to see the critical information for that organisation. At a glance, you'll know the number of unresolved XBert risk alerts and the associated amount, the number of unreconciled transactions, year-to-date profit, and the weekly earn minus burn amount.

Then, order the results using: Newest, Due Date, or Risk Amount. When ordered by Risk Amount, you'll know immediately which organisations need urgent attention. Ordering by Newest, tells you which organisations have new XBert risk alerts.

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We're always keen to hear from you, so let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for features or XBert risk alerts. Email us at

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