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6 reasons you should be using automation in your accounting firm

by XBert Team ~ 3 min read

Using automation in your accounting for best practice will revolutionise your productivity

Automation is next evolution in the accounting and bookkeeping industries. Given the financial struggles many businesses have faced during the last 12 months, never has there been a higher need (and better opportunity) to streamline your processes, be more productive and free up time for advisory and growing your client base.

XBert has been developed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers for best practice in automating their process. Our feature-rich tool includes AI-audit integrated into task and process management, analytics, BI reports and so much more.

Working closely with our users every day to constantly evolve and develop new features, we’re constantly told about how it’s revolutionising the way they can deliver services to their clients.

Here’s what we know are some of the key benefits of implementing effective bookkeeping and accounting automation in your business:

1. Time and money savings

Of course, one of the most immediate and important aspects of automating your accounting processes is the time and money saved. Using ai accounting software in your firm means time consuming data retrieval, report generation and reconciling can be done in a snap. XBert’s AI-audit checking your accounting data multiple times a day and flagging XBert risk alerts, remove the risk of human error and allows you to deal with and issues, coding errors or consistencies as they arise. Say hello to complete confidence in the data, while freeing up your time for important work on advisory (and to grow your client portfolio!)

2. Increased productivity

Whether you’re a one-man band or a firm of hundreds, automating tasks and checklists will allow you to get more done, in any given time period. It removes any ambiguity on what needs to be done or how it needs to be done – and by when, for your team. XBert’s Work dashboard is the holy grail of work hubs; here you can see all your tasks, XBert alerts, team tasks and clients in one place. This is all about freeing up both your time, and your brain space, for what you’re really there for as an accountant: to partner with and guide clients toward financial health (and with more clients).

3. Reduced rework and improved accuracy.

Artificial intelligence in accounting has revolutionized data integrity. Human error is fast becoming a thing of the past. This gives you peace of mind knowing the books are clean and accurate at any given time. Sophisticated machine learning allows the detection of issues, errors and inconsistencies in your bookkeeping that have easily slipped through the cracks in the past, discovered only at the final hour (if at all). With more than 50 XBert alerts currently online and more being developed all the time, XBert eliminates the need for many time-consuming manual data checks and reduces your manual tasks.

4. Thorough, customizable reports

Forget hours trawling and interpreting data. Automating reports and having quick access to accurate and up-to-date analytics for your clients is a game changer in growing your advisory. XBert’s one-click accessible BI reports and analytics help you understand the behaviour of your clients uncovering insights for onboarding, billing and much more.

5. Scale your business easily

If you’re looking to expand your business both within your current market and potentially overseas, automating your accounting processes makes this much simpler. Onboarding new clients can be templated, while automated checklists and processes will save you hours of time and frustration training new employees…all while ensuring a consistent delivery of services across all your organisations.

6. Better security

Dealing with confidential data is a given for accountants and bookkeepers. Compliance is key. Using automated accounting software allows you to ensure you’re always on top of compliance, and that employees stay compliant with the firm’s confidentiality rules and regulations.

Sample XBerts

XBert’s automated features:

Born from a need to have real-time visibility over business financials, XBert is a feature-rich tool packing a punch on fintech scene, gaining support from the Federal Government and named as an Emerging Fintech Organisation of the Year finalist in the FinTech Australia 2020 Finnies Awards.

XBert is the only app with its breadth of features, developed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers for best practice in automating their process. The feature-rich tool includes AI-audit integrated into task and process management, analytics, BI reports and so much more.

What you get:

  • Multi-day audit and XBert alerts for accurate data
  • All your clients, processes and tasks on one dashboard
  • Accurate insights for better decisions and advice
  • Collaboration tools to work smarter with team and clients
  • Take control of your inbox and client relationships
  • Real-time notifications while you work
  • Attachment audit and added protection
  • Align your Template tasks to our pre-set processes
  • Smarter analytics and Risk reports.
  • Much, much more…

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Discover what XBert can do for your business by starting a free trial now.

For advisors, we have a tailored onboarding program, called Step Ahead, where we help set up and implement XBert CONNECT for your practice. To request more information, please email us at and tell us a little about your practice, team and clients.