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XBert's supercharged browser extension helping bookkeepers get more done, faster.

by XBert Team ~ 2 min read

XBert's browser extension allows you to streamline your bookkeeping workflow, create and manage tasks, and resolve risks to businesses directly from any website. Xero.

When XBert releasing what’s believed to be a first for Xero add-ons with our innovative browser extension, it was a game changer for productivity for bookkeepers. Notifying you in real-time of any risks or tasks associated with that Xero entry - while you work, it was a stroke of tech-based genius. And now it’s gone to a whole new level.

Thanks to XBert's new browser extension upgrade, you can now create tasks straight into your organisation from ANY web page. While working in Xero, it will auto-detect the organisation, on other sites you can choose the organisation.

This is in addition to all the epic productivity-boosting features of the browser extension. As users move around Xero and review entries such as invoices, bills, contact records and more, XBert alerts are cross-checked, and you’ll know straight away if there’s a problem. You can work faster and more effectively from within any website!

XBert Browser Extension

XBert and Xero work together seamlessly to help you resolve bookkeeping errors, save time, and save money.

You can get the browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Once you install the extension it will appear on your toolbar. Then log in to Xero and XBert in the same browser.

When using the extension:

• The notification count at the top means you won’t miss a thing.

• View and switch between existing tasks or use RESOLVE be taken to the Xero entry to fix the issue and resolve the risk. Select OPEN XBERT or OPEN TASK for more detail and to make changes like update the due date or assignee.

• Create and assign XBert tasks that will link directly to the current Xero entry. Once saved, the task will appear under MY TASKS for you, or the person you assigned, until it is completed and FILED in XBert. Once created, the task will also appear on XBert’s TASKS dashboard for this organisation.

• View all your assigned tasks and manage them in Xero.

XBert Browser Extension 2

If you think that’s cool – read on.

Developed specifically for, and with the help of, accountants and bookkeepers, XBert is the only tool for the industry that combines all the necessary functions for a smarter, streamlined practice workflow.

Payroll processes, Accounts Payable checklists, Accounts receivable audits: all these can be streamlined to their own Template, with tasks and subtasks to ensure your team know exactly what needs to be done and by when.

XBert also includes seamless client collaboration, analytics, BI reports and so much more.

If you’re looking to streamline your finance app stack, while removing the need to jump in and out of multiple programs, XBert is the app for you.

Load some files to see how you can revolutionise your workflow today.

Our challenge to you

Think your books are pretty on point? Load some files into XBert and you may be surprised by what it finds!

You may be a data integrity Rockstar. Perhaps you’re looking to ensure your team’s work is correct. Maybe you’re inheriting some books you’re unsure about. Or maybe you’re constantly cleaning up the messes of clients who are trying to manage the books themselves.

In any case, XBert can help you speed up your bookkeeping, flag any issues, errors or inconsistencies as they arise and give you quick links directly to your accounting software to resolve.

Best case scenario, we confirm your epic bookkeeping and you get to give yourself a pat on the back, utilize all the added features XBert has to offer and enjoy more time as XBert takes over the heavy lifting for you. Worst case scenario, we save you time and money on errors or discrepancies you never knew were there.

Time is money, so don’t wait – start your free trial now, load some client files and take the XBert challenge now!