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Easily manage workflow remotely with XBert CONNECT's AI, Process Board and Service Template Tasks

by XBert Team ~ 5 min read

Use XBert CONNECT's Template Tasks, Service Breakdown and Quick Views to easily keep track of your bookkeeping and accounting clients, your team workflow and your service offerings. We've got pain-free automated process management covered.

XBert CONNECT is for bookkeepers, accountants, advisors, franchise and business owners. It’s all the benefits of XBert, scaled for those who need to monitor and manage multiple businesses efficiently from one place. Load as many Xero files and invite as many people to your XBert CONNECT account as you want, including your advisory clients.

XBert CONNECT’s Template Tasks standardise your workflows and ensure consistency of your service offerings across your clients. Our extensive workflow management features - Work dashboard, Reporting Period Selector, custom date range, enhanced filters and Team View - enable you to focus your attention where it's needed.

Automate and you'll never go back

XBert's AI-powered audit and process automation create efficiencies, give you oversight of your workflows and perform health checks of Xero files multiple times a day. You'll never miss a deadline, can mitigate risks and have time work on income-generating activities, providing more advisory services, promoting your business, career development or spending time with family and friends.

Increase productivity by automating manual checks and use AI to audit your data and your work, the work of your internal team or outsourced team. You'll save hours; complete services and workflows effectively; reduce issues associated with anomalies, risks and errors made by people or automated reader and entry apps; and have more accurate data for better advice and decision-making.

It's important to standardise your internal business workflows in terms of organisation, terminology and process. This standardised workflow, or relevant steps, can then be implemented across your clients to ensure a consistency of service.

There are many advantages to adopting a standardised approach. You have a clear and defined service offering, reduce complexity for your team and clients, utilise automated checks and audits to reduce errors and wasteful jobs, have better workflow management and visibility, and have a solid foundation on which to deal with changes and disruption.

Taking Template Tasks to the next level

Set up your common workflows as Processes in XBert CONNECT and include Template Tasks, then track and manage workflow using your Process Status dashboard. Your different services can be turned into Template Tasks with subtasks for the many jobs that form the overall workflow.

For instance, you may offer services like Payroll, Superannuation, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Business Activity Statement (BAS) lodgement, Taxable Payment Annual Reporting (TPAR), EOFY preparation, bookkeeping clean-ups or bookkeeping catch-ups if a business is behind on their compliance obligations. The frequency of services often varies depending on the client.

Template Tasks can include checklists, workflow steps, requests from clients and agreed communications, client and staff onboarding and more. You can set Template Tasks to recur weekly, monthly, quarterly or as required.

Using Template Tasks

For better workflow management and consistency, when you create a task in XBert CONNECT you allocate it to a Process that you've set up. You can also automatically map XBerts (risk alerts) to a Process. To learn more about Process set up, please read our support guide article.

To create a Template Task, or parent task, go to TEMPLATES from the CONNECT navigation menu and choose + NEW TEMPLATE.

  • Give the Template Task a title and choose to Create Task as a Template.
  • Decide which clients or linked organisations you want to assign the task to or choose, Select all clients. This assigned task, or child task, will appear in each selected organisation on the XBERTS & TASKS dashboard within the associated Client Console.
  • Add a description and any subtasks, assign the Template Task to a CONNECT team member and allocate it to one of your Processes.
  • Choose a start date for the task, set it to recur if needed and choose an end date or how many times the task should repeat.
  • Set the due date for completion then save the Template Task, and it will appear in all assigned organisations' XBERTS & TASKS board.

XBert CONNECT ProcessStatus dashboard

Plan your day and prioritise

CONNECT’s Process Status dashboard provides a complete overview of your clients and process workflows, making it easy to track the status of XBerts and tasks. Since your unique workflows drive your day, the dashboard design is process-centric and customisable to the ways that you and your team prefer to work.

On your Process Status dashboard, use the Reporting Period Selector, customisable date range and filters to plan, prioritise and manage your day.

Hover over the status indicator for more information - you'll see how many items there are Overdue, To Do or Filed. Select the indicator to be taken to the Client Console to work on those outstanding items. Choosing CLIENT CONSOLE gives you quick access to each linked organisation's XBerts, Tasks, Snapshots, Insights and Activity Feed.

XBert CONNECT StatusIndicator Hover

Your Reporting Period Selector

Decide what to focus on first using the Reporting Period Selector, custom date range and filters. Any parameters selected will translate to what you see on the Process Status dashboard. The Reporting Period Selector is consistent across your CONNECT portal and Client Console XBERTS & TASKS dashboards.

The Reporting Period tab lists all items and uses the creation date for tasks or transaction dates (alert dates) for XBerts. The Work Due tab lists only those items with a set due date. A red dot signals outstanding items for this period.

You'll find filters under the Reporting Period Selector. Any filters you’ve selected are listed and highlighted making it easy to know what you’re tracking.

Team View

Monitor workload and stay on top of deadlines with the TEAM VIEW dashboard.

TEAM VIEW lists all services and process workflows for that organisation along with the total number of items and items assigned to each team member. Using the TEAM VIEW board, you can monitor and manage workloads, redistributing tasks as needed.

XBert CONNECT TeamView

Peace of mind and efficiently managing processes and business risk

Template Tasks and Process Status and Team View dashboards are just some of the many workflow management features available in XBert CONNECT.

With sophisticated algorithms, AI and machine learning, XBert analyses your Xero data multiple times a day detecting patterns, anomalies and potential errors that are financial risks to businesses.

XBert helps reduce mistakes; ensures data integrity; improves compliance; fosters better collaboration between business owners, finance teams, bookkeepers and accountants; streamlines workflow; and saves time and money.

Step Ahead Partner Program

We're currently offering bookkeepers, accountants and advisors a tailored partner program for XBert CONNECT. The Step Ahead program is a high engagement model where we implement XBert specifically for your practice and client base. We work with you to set up process management flows and have catch-ups to ensure you're getting the efficiencies you need and meeting your goals. It could be invaluable for your practice as you face unprecedented challenges and disruption.

To request more information, please email us at and tell us a little about your practice, team and clients.

XBert is an easy-to-use, powerful Xero add-on for business owners, finance teams, bookkeepers and accountants to stay a step ahead in business.

If you're serious about business success, sync your accounting data with XBert. In minutes, you'll know the amount of money at risk and how to prevent losing it.

You can book a demo or start your FREE trial now!

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