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5 ways to banish End of Financial Year stress for good.

by XBert Team ~ 5 min read

Streamline your workflow processes with XBert and never worry about End of Financial Year stress again.

It’s the final countdown 'do do do doooo' (we know you sang that) to the End of Financial Year – how are you feeling?

Either work is bottle-necking and you’re feeling the familiar rise in blood pressure as June 30 looms; or, you’re on top of things and now looking to what you can do differently when the new financial year rolls around.

If it’s the former: this is a strong indicator you should look into solutions to help make your work life easier. If it’s the latter – awesome work, now is the time to start thinking about implementing some solutions.

At XBert we know it can all be overwhelming, from any angle. So, we thought we’d share our top tips for smoothing out your practice workflow (and workload) and making sure you have the systems and processes in place to make the 2021/2022 financial year smooth and pain-free.

Check 'em out:

1. AI Audit: your BFF for EOFY (and all year)

If you’re not yet using an AI Audit tool – what are you waiting for? One of the fastest and most efficient ways to ensure your data is clean heading into EOFY is to implement an AI Audit tool across your client files. We know many business owners are attempting to reconcile the books themselves – which can mean a lot of clean up and rework for bookkeepers and accounting teams. Finding coding errors, duplicate invoices or bills and bills without attachments or documentation, right at the last minute adds to your workload.

With Artificial Intelligence trawling your data and looking for issues like duplicates, coding errors, GST and ABN discrepancies and then flagging them for your attention, you remove the need for many manual checks. There are no surprises right on deadline and you can trust the numbers. Not only will you save hours right off the bat – you’ll have confidence knowing the data is accurate and you can effectively advise your client on the health of their business moving into a new financial year.

The best part: it’s simple to set up. In just a few clicks, you can have XBert’s 55+ risk alerts trawling your Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks data multiple times a day, flagging issues, inconsistencies and anomalies that require your attention.

2. Streamline your practice processes

Forget lengthy and complicated spreadsheets: automating your process management will revolutionise your workflow (and your brain space). Imagine waving goodbye to spreadsheets and instead being alerted to what tasks need to be done, by when. That’s the service offered with XBert. With the ability to create Templates for all your recurring Processes like End of Month, BAS Checklists or Quarterly Tax Preparation, you remove the need to manually create many of the recurring and usual tasks for yourself or your team. You’ll also have a clear, concise and simple to follow process for your team – which will help you remove the need to micro manage and constantly check in. Because all actions on a task are recorded and documented, should something go awry you will know exactly how and what to action.

3. Get control of your workload – and know your team does, too.

If you’re managing a team, spreadsheets aren’t always effective in knowing where they’re at and what they’re up to. Using a task management system that allows you to easily view what tasks need to be done, by who and when revolutionises how your practice is managed. Instead of learning about mistakes or someone being behind at the final hour, you can manage workload in real time.

The Work dashboard within XBert is a one-stop shop to view all the tasks that need to be done by each person within your practice. You have the ability to assign new tasks, re-assign if someone is on leave or under the pump, check the status and add due dates.

Work Board

4. Make client collaboration easy.

It’s no secret chasing clients for information is one of the banes of many bookkeeping and accounting practices. Ensuring you have a simple, streamline way to communicate with your clients to help obtain the information you need is a game changer. Start by giving them plenty of notice. They’re busy doing what they do best – running their businesses (that’s why they employ you) and so the best way to avoid pestering leading up to stressful deadlines is to flag the information you’ll need early on.

Being able to remind your clients of their obligations, or instruct on how to obtain certain information, can be arduous and manual-work heavy if we’re talking texts, emails and phone calls. Using an automated collaboration system will take away much of the stress and work.

XBert’s Client Console is a centralized place you can collaborate and communicate with your clients, all while ensuring a neat trail of correspondence should the compliance officer come knocking. And, you can WHite-label this with your own branding, to keep a consistent approach with your clients.

Client Console

5. Stay on top of business trends and insights

Great accountants don’t just look at the numbers – they’re able to advise clients on those numbers so they can make the best decisions for their business. Having data integrity is key to accurate reporting. However ensuring you have quick and easy access to those insights at any given time, will ensure you’re giving the right advice, at the right time.

XBert Analytics and integrated business intelligence reportss give advisors the tools they need to give correct, accurate and beneficial advice to their clients, without trawling through months of data. Available at the click of a button, these deep insights allow you to grow your advisory and add meaningful value to your accounting clients.

BI Reports blurred

What is XBert?

XBert was created with the mission to not just streamline task and process management in accounting by automating your office tasks – but to also help reduce manual tasks for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners, while giving complete visibility over financial data. We believe this is what professionals should expect in a task management tool for accountants and bookkeepers: not just the ability to automate your daily tasks, but to reduce manual workload, ensure data integrity and facilitate simple client collaboration, all in one spot.

Because XBert uses sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms to audit and analyse financial data, cross-checking it with our data warehouse and others to identify risk, discrepancies and anomalies, we are able to alert you in real time to tasks that require attention – before you may even realise there’s an issue. Our tricky XBerts will not only alert you to the task but also contain a deep link directly to the issue in your accounting software. With one link you can click, resolve or assign to someone to take over. You will no longer waste time on manual work checks, audits or time-consuming rework. It’s all about making your life as simple as we can, while maintaining data integrity.

Discover what XBert can do for your business by starting a free trial now.