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10 ways advisors can focus on what matters most with XBert CONNECT in the COVID-19 crisis

by XBert Team ~ 6 min read

Bookkeepers and accountants are going above and beyond supporting clients during COVID-19. XBert CONNECT’s AI-powered automation, alerts and process management save vital hours that can be devoted to more valuable tasks.

Even in the best of times, running a business, or guiding businesses through the challenges of cash flow management, debtor risk, tax and compliance, expenditure, forecasting and decision-making is never plain sailing.

XBert was developed after the global financial crisis (GFC) to solve common problems identified by business owners, bookkeepers and accountants and put businesses in a better position for sustainability and success.

This current economic downturn is affecting us all at an unprecedented pace and scale. Every dollar and every minute count, and more than ever, making the right decision is crucial.

While we can't solve all the economic problems COVID-19 brings, XBert can help everyone work together to save time and money and give businesses the best chance of survival during uncertainty and disruption.

XBert's AI-powered automation and business alerts find cash flow and financial risks, mistakes and duplicates in your Xero cloud accounting software, create efficiencies, give you oversight of your bookkeeping process workflows and perform business health checks.

Spend more time on higher-value activities, have accurate and up-to-date information for better advice and decision-making, and have the right tools to collaborate and get things done easily and quickly.

XBert is a 2019 Xero App Awards finalist. We know our solution can make a difference so we're offering a free trial for single business subscriptions of 90 days. SIGN UP NOW. For bookkeepers, accountants and advisors looking for efficiencies and automated process management, we have a tailored partner program for XBert CONNECT. Read more about XBert CONNECT and our Step Ahead program below.

Advisors are in demand like never before

This downturn is a difficult time for everyone but you bookkeepers, accountants, finance teams and advisors are doing the heavy lifting as you support and navigate clients through plummeting income, cost-cutting, adapting business operations and government assistance packages.

You're at the forefront of the crisis for stressed and struggling business owners and have probably never felt so appreciated. However, you're under enormous pressure trying to secure the livelihoods of your own business and your clients' businesses, upon which your business relies.

Every day you have to balance the needs of your clients with those of your business, team, family, and hopefully yourself.

Under these demanding conditions-incredibly long hours, higher workloads, increased client requests, new requirements and expectations, and disruptions to your working, home and family lives-it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, get distracted, make mistakes or miss something.

What's needed

While working from home and away from your team, you may worry about how they're coping and how you can monitor and manage their workload, share and redistribute tasks if needed.

Several industry leaders, organisations and companies like Xero are doing great things such as providing information on assistance measures available in your region, resource hubs and running webinars on maintaining mental health. Heather Smith and Cassandra Scott host a regular, friendly video Community Support Chat for the Global Accounting Profession and you can register here. We recommend seeking out these initiatives for yourself and setting aside time to participate and review the information offered.

Things are changing so rapidly. Your clients may have customers and suppliers one week who are out of business the next, customers who always paid no longer have any cash flow, usual points of contact may have gone and stressed suppliers could make errors that will cost your clients money.

You want cash flow, debtor and other risks surfaced early so you and your clients can take action.

You want to be alerted to potential bookkeeping mistakes before they become an issue.

You want to be on the front foot when it comes to supporting your clients, your team and your own business.

To do all this effectively, you need total visibility and accurate and up-to-date information.

The more efficiently bookkeepers, accountants and advisors can perform their work and eliminate manual checks and audits, the more they can focus on what matters most.

That's where XBert CONNECT steps up. You can add as many Xero files and invite as many team members to your CONNECT account as you like.


10 Ways XBert CONNECT helps advisors

1. Simplifies your work: AI and automation do the audits and bookkeeping checks for you and also drive our customisable process management and collaboration tools that streamline workflow, improve productivity and support remote working. Know what needs to be done by when, and have the tools and the time to get it done. Since XBert is web-based, you can access it anytime, anywhere and on any device. There's no steep learning curve; XBert is simple to use and is ready in minutes. Check the health of your clients' businesses and stay on top of cash flow, risks, snapshots and insights whenever you need to.

2. Proactively resolve risks: Xero data is analysed multiple times a day, and you'll see any new XBerts (what we call our risk alerts) and updated numbers after each sync. XBert detects anomalies, patterns and mistakes and finds things that are difficult or time-consuming to find. XBert monitors business databases, tax status and business registrations, e.g. know if a supplier is charging GST and shouldn't be, or if your client's trading with an unregistered business. Manage workload by exception rather than routine. You know there's an issue and allocate time to address it rather than spend time checking if there's an issue. Our browser extensions cross-check XBert risk alerts and tasks while you work in Xero for smarter, integrated workflow management. Learn more.

3. Visibility and efficiency: XBert CONNECT provides visibility over Xero files, client risk, team workload and the status of your processes and services, so nothing slips through or gets missed. Necessary yet time-wasting manual tasks are automated, making workflow management low touch. Collaboration is fast and easy, with a full history of any activity and discussion on each item. Assign a CONNECT team member a client organisation to manage, and you can choose to invite clients to the relevant linked organisations. Standardise your service offering by creating Template Tasks for your common processes, then allocate these across client organisations. Create ad-hoc tasks and assign these or system created tasks from templates to a CONNECT team member or client to complete. Tag XBerts and Tasks according to processes or services for easy tracking.

4. Maintain work quality and consistency: Utilise our AI-powered Process Status board, tags and Template Tasks for consistent service delivery across all clients. Duplicates, incorrect account coding, unusual activity and other potential errors are spotted early. Anything we find that is not an error, you can FILE away. Via machine learning, XBert analyses your behaviour and learns, so in future won't create risk alerts when criteria match those that you've filed.

5. Data integrity: AI-powered audits and checks mean a reduced chance of error and more accurate data. Any XBerts are resolved quickly and easily with direct links to the relevant Xero entry or from within Xero itself using our browser extensions, keeping Xero as the source of truth for your clients' data.

6. Up-to-date information: Since XBert analyses Xero data multiple times a day, the risk alerts, business health snapshots and insights are also updated after each sync.

7. Advice and decisions: With the latest figures and better data integrity, your reports are more accurate and effective. You can provide better advice, and help educate clients on cash flow management and their business' financial story, so they make informed, data-driven decisions.

8. Value-add and growth: XBert CONNECT's efficiencies and productivity gains give you more opportunities for creating meaningful value for clients, increasing your advisory services, growth and income-generating activities or career development.

9. More time: Devote the hours you save to your business, your team, your clients, your family and yourself. There's never been a more important time to look after the health and wellbeing of the people around you.

10. Peace of mind: While XBert has your back, you can be confident that your and your team's work is accurate, you can trust the numbers, you'll be alerted to risks before you know the risks exist and that you're helping clients create a sustainable business.

XBert CONNECT OrganisationsDashboard

Peace of mind and positioning businesses for success

XBert CONNECT can help you and your clients stay a step ahead. Being able to devote more time to your clients is vital, and so is having the right tools to support effective communication and business success.

With XBert CONNECT, you'll identify and stop money losses due to cash flow, debtor and other financial risks or bookkeeping mistakes, and you'll be able to do what you do best, efficiently and accurately.

Clients need your expertise and guidance more than ever and if you can give them that time, their business, and yours, will be better positioned to survive this uncertainty and be stronger when things start looking brighter.

Step Ahead Partner Program

We're currently offering bookkeepers, accountants and advisors a tailored partner program. The Step Ahead program is a unique engagement model where we implement XBert specifically for your practice and client base. We work with you to set up process management flows and have catch-ups to ensure you're getting the efficiencies you need and meeting your goals. It could be invaluable for your practice as you face unprecedented challenges and disruption. To request more information, please email us at and tell us a little about your practice, team and clients.

If you want to explore XBert CONNECT for yourself, it only takes a few minutes to sign up, create your multi-connect portal and start syncing your first Xero file. Once you do, an XBert team member will be in touch to help you get the most out of XBert. Alternatively, you can book a discovery session and demo here.

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