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XBert's going global and innovating for the future with recognition from AusIndustry

by XBert Team ~ 3 min read

XBert founders Troy Brown and Aaron Wittman looking at the camera.

XBert is a proud recipient of an AusIndustry innovation grant recognising XBert's uniqueness within the vast cloud accounting and fintech ecosystem, advancements using AI and machine learning, and potential to help businesses and advisors all over the world.

AusIndustry's grant program is highly competitive and is awarded to businesses innovating for the future, supporting them to "scale and connect with new markets".

Co-founder Troy Brown says XBert is ready to go big on a global scale!

Congratulations XBert Team. Fantastic news to be recognised and backed by the Australian Government as we strengthen our product offering here and overseas. We can accelerate developing and expanding our app in ways that our customers want and with region-specific business alerts. We're ensuring data quality for bookkeepers and accountants and enabling businesses to make smarter decisions. Massive thanks to all our users who help shape our product roadmap and to those who supported our grant submission - Troy Brown.

Five-star customer ratings for XBert and word of mouth in Australia created a buzz overseas, leading to partnerships with customers in the UK, the USA, Asia and South Africa. Now, the team can push XBert further into lucrative markets and deliver exceptional value for even more businesses and advisors.

This year's proven that anyone's world can flip upside down unexpectedly, which has been a very painful lesson for business owners.

Although you can't prepare for everything, if you have the right tool giving real-time visibility over your business health and ensuring accurate data and insights, then you can make informed decisions. Knowing your business position at any time and making smart, data-driven decisions has never been more critical - Troy Brown.

XBert cloud accounting app founders Aaron Wittman and Troy Brown XBert founders and company directors Aaron Wittman and Troy Brown.

What is XBert?

XBert, short for expert business alert, is a cloud accounting app using custom AI, machine learning and the latest advancements in data science to help business owners, accountants and bookkeepers stay a step ahead.

XBert audits cloud accounting data and bank feeds multiple times a day, scans attachments, and monitors business information databases such as the Australian Business Register to detect risks that cost businesses money.

XBert alerts you to cash flow issues, errors, anomalies, patterns and potential fraud that can take hours or are extremely difficult to find when manually sifting through data files and reports.

However, XBert is not only a data integrity tool but also automates many of the time-consuming manual bookkeeping checks and has extensive task and process management features plus inbuilt collaboration tools. Business owners and advisors work together efficiently and save time while saving money!

What's next?

The team are hastening the expansion of XBert's algorithm framework and unique AI process flow model to develop regional and industry-specific risk alerts and extend the product offering.

In particular, the AusIndustry grant will fund the further development XBert CONNECT, which is XBert at scale for accountants, bookkeepers, advisors, franchise or anyone who needs to manage multiple businesses.

According to XBert co-founder Aaron Wittman, XBert CONNECT's already broadening to meet the needs of specialist, medium and enterprise companies. In addition, research and exploration are underway to develop XBert's risk-solving algorithms for industries such as agribusiness, health and medicine, retail and mining.

During the project, we'll scope the development of international risk alerts for specific regions and industries, identify new data and software integration sources, including other cloud accounting platforms, and identify partner opportunities. Our collaborative approach proves we can deliver a truly customer-led, purpose-built, innovative, scalable solution that makes a real difference to businesses around the world - Aaron Wittman.

Discover what XBert can do for your business by starting a free trial now.

For advisors, we have a tailored onboarding program, called Step Ahead, where we help set up and implement XBert CONNECT for your practice. To request more information, please email us at partnerprogram@xbert.io and tell us a little about your practice, team and clients.

XBert is an easy-to-use, powerful Xero add-on for business owners, finance teams, bookkeepers and accountants to stay a step ahead in business.

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