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Saving business time and money: Xero App Partner of the Month

by XBert Team ~ 0 min read

XBert is Xero App Partner of the Month, helping bookkeepers, accountants and small business save time and money.

XBert has been announced as Xero’s App Partner of the Month, and we couldn’t be more honoured.

App partners are featured ‘for helping small business thrive’ and that’s exactly what XBert aims to do.

This is great recognition for the team and confirmation that XBert is saving small businesses time and money, Founder Troy Brown said.

Check out what Xero had to say about XBert here: Xero App Partner of the Month

New XBert features are on the way too. Soon to be released are analytics to give you the numbers across all clients at once; as well as a new risk report that will enable you to add real value to clients.

Want to know if XBert could be saving you time and money?