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Become an expert in efficiency with XBert

by Kue Hall ~ 3 min read

'Boost efficiency' has got to be one of the most common and obvious goals of any bookkeeping business. But finding efficiencies across your entire practice can be a job in itself. XBert can help you be the most productive and profitable you've ever been.

Here at XBert, it’s our mission to make work life easier for bookkeepers. We know how time-poor a lot of you are. We also know it’s the menial, non-income producing activities like checking work (and rework) that can be the most time consuming. Ensuring data integrity, process checklists, outsourced teams, an increasingly demanding client base – it’s a lot.

Cloud accounting and tech solutions are no longer optional. Successful bookkeeping businesses will use them to increase efficiency and peace of mind and decrease stress and unnecessary tasks. And we have built XBert specifically to help you take those pain points away.

Unrivalled in AI Audit risk alerts

If you’re still manually checking GST status, ABNs and cross-referencing attachments with bills – time to give it up. XBert has almost 60 sophisticated algorithms that will trawl your data multiple times a day, alerting you to errors, issues and anomalies that arise.

Some of our users, like Trina Dando, say having XBert running in the background while they work, is the equivalent of having Part Time employee – minus the margin for human error and rework. While our set of XBert risk alerts is already pretty impressive and time-saving…we have plans for 50 more.

Less time on managerial checks

Sure, XBert’s audit is a game changer for your own workflow processes, but if you’re managing a team it takes productivity to the next level.

Let’s be real, loads of time can be spent cleaning up inefficient work…once you find it, that is. With XBert alerting you to discrepancies in real time. Not only will you know there is an issue right away, you’ll know what it is and have a direct link to fix it. You’ll also know who was responsible and will be able to take appropriate actions and rectify. No more surprises when you start trawling and checking work towards end of month. No more panic stations when you realise something isn’t right.

You can also assign tasks, with a deadline to ensure your staff know exactly what is expected of them. Our simple period reporting selector, with filters for team and processes, allows you to know what you and anyone in your team has to do and by when. All at the click of a button.

Workflow management on steroids

Forget adapting a workflow management solution that’s not been designed for the way you work. XBert’s workflow management tools have been built specifically for the way bookkeepers work, to help streamline processes, automate workflows, manage your team and scale your business. In your current practice, how long does it take you to figure out who’s doing what, and what needs to be done? Would it make your life easier if you could just click one button and have it all your fingertips? We know it would! XBert’s Work board has been designed for bookkeepers as the holy grail to get through your work day. Less clicks, no more jumping in and out of individual client files. Here you get total visibility over all clients and what tasks you need to do, access all clients XBert alerts, see work queues of your internal and outsourced teams, or tasks you have assigned your clients. You can even prioritise your work for yourself and your team, so nothing gets missed. Our Reporting Period selectors have been built for ease and accessibility of your tasks, making it easier to use filters to plan, prioritise and manage work. You can monitor the progress and status of all your processes, one process at a time, all your clients against selected processes, one client at a time, or team at a time. See what has been completed, not fully completed, resolved or snoozed…all in a click.

Simple, clean communication between you and your clients

More and more business owners are attempting to manage parts of the books themselves. Unfortunately, many aren’t trained professionals - and that can lead to a lot of clean up that you may not be paid to do. We’ve created a simple way to remove messy double handling of information, hefty email trails and time-consuming phone calls. Invite your client into XBert to easily collaborate and obtain timely information. The Client Console is a space just for you and your client, where you can chat, create and assign tasks, ask questions and even get snapshots and insights into the health of your client’s business. Work more efficiently outside of XBert, too.

Our browser extension is super clever. Not only will this allow you to access and manage your XBerts and tasks within your accounting software – you can also create and assign tasks while working on ANY website. This will allow you to instruct how things should be done, or ask why something was done, assign it, and it will appear on your client dashboard with a link straight back to the issue.

Always evolving

We listen and implement – our users are a huge part of how we evolve. While XBert is already packed with features, we have an extensive development roadmap and new XBerts and features are released continually based on user feedback. XBert has grown into THE tool to start your day, manage your workload, and end the day knowing your work is accurate and having peace of mind that your safeguarding your practice and your clients and helping them succeed.