It’s time we had a little chat – about our new XBert feature

by XBert Team ~ 1 min read

XBert's collaboration tools help you reduce business risk and save money. Use tasks, calendars, email and Xero note integrations, notifications and team chat to improve productivity and streamline workflow.

XBert is already a great collaboration tool that helps business owners, managers, finance teams, advisors, bookkeepers, and accountants work together to reduce business risk and save money.

You can use tasks, calendars, notifications, and email and Xero note integrations to improve productivity and streamline workflow.

And now there’s TEAM CHAT as well.

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Let's talk about it

Use TEAM CHAT when you and your XBert team members are online for quick conversations and requests. Any messages and the chat history will be displayed here.

Using @name to mention team members in chat ensures they will also receive 'mentioned you' notifications.

You’ll see your red notification count on the navigation menu near ACTIVITY.

Remember, you can also comment and use @name mentions within tasks and XBerts.

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Here at XBert we want you to succeed by helping you stay a step ahead in business.

Instead of spending your time on wasteful little jobs and inefficient communication, you could be spending that time on growing your business and adding value to your clients.

We’re continually developing XBert and adding features that save you time and money and will make your working life easier.

We're always keen to hear from you, so let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for features or XBert risk alerts. Email us at

If you're serious about business success, sync your accounting data with XBert, and in just a few minutes, you'll discover the amount of money at risk and how to prevent losing it. Book a demo or start your FREE 14-day trial now!

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