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There are more challenges ahead and XBert wants to support you

by XBert Team ~ 3 min read

This current crisis is like nothing we’ve seen before and businesses are at risk. XBert can make a difference so our free trial is 90 days for single businesses and we have a tailored partner program for advisors.

We know things are tough for everyone and we’re committed to our goal of fostering business success. Now’s the time to find mistakes and for business owners to collaborate with advisors so you can make informed decisions.

We know XBert can make a difference.

Our free trial is 90 days for single business subscriptions.

Bookkeepers, accountants and advisors can join our tailored Step Ahead partner program for XBert CONNECT. You can read more below about the Step Ahead program. Use XBert CONNECT to reduce manual checks so you can be more efficient, and most importantly, collaborate and add value to your clients in need.

Message from Troy Brown, XBert co-founder

When I lost my business, I was devastated. Approaching the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) things had been going so well. I was totally blindsided by what followed, and made all decisions too late, thinking things would soon get back to the way they had been. It never did, The GFC had its affects on the business landscape for years after.

That’s why co-founder Aaron and I built XBert as a solution. We wanted better tools to make better business decisions, and so everyone could work more efficiently, collaboratively and accurately, and stay a step ahead in unknown times.

What we’re all going through now is like nothing we’ve seen before. The rapidly changing world is taking its toll on businesses and livelihoods, our families and our kids. Every dollar and every minute counts, and more than ever, making the right decision is important.

XBert’s AI-powered automation and business risk alerts stop you losing money, create efficiencies, give you oversight of your bookkeeping process workflows and perform business health checks multiple times a day, so you can focus on what matters most. Your business will be better-positioned to survive this uncertainty and be stronger when things start to look brighter.

You can get all the benefits of XBert FREE for 90 days on single business subscriptions. SIGN UP NOW.

You can succeed where I once failed and collaborate now with your advisors on any risks to your business before it’s too late. Please get involved and suggest XBert risk alerts we could build to keep you ahead.

Take the best of care - Troy and Aaron, XBert Founders

Ways XBert helps your business

  • Easy to use and accessible on any device at any time. Check the health of your business and stay on top of cash flow. See any risks, who owes you money, snapshots and insights whenever you need them.
  • Analyses your Xero data multiple times a day detecting anomalies, patterns and mistakes before any money is lost. You receive risk alerts called XBerts.
  • Performs manual bookkeeping process checks and audits, saving you hours and finds risks before you know the risks exist!
  • Monitors business databases, tax status and business registrations, e.g. know if a supplier is charging you GST and shouldn’t be, or if you’re trading with an unregistered business.
  • Manage bookkeeping workload by exception, not by routine. You know early that there’s an issue and can fix it quickly.
  • Makes collaboration fast and simple with your finance team, bookkeeper or accountant. Create tasks and assign XBerts and tasks to them, they can comment with their advice or help resolve XBerts.
  • Extensive collaboration and task management tools streamline workflow, improve productivity and support remote working.
  • Reduces human error and ensures your bookkeeping data integrity. Business insights, snapshots and reports are more accurate, so you can make informed decisions.

XBert uses Australian tax rates, so a few alerts and snapshots aren’t available for everyone - just yet! We’re currently running beta testing in the UK and would love you to join us.

Step Ahead Partner Program

Advisors are being inundated with calls and emails from anxious clients worried about their business’ future. Being able to devote more time to your clients is crucial and so is having the right tools to support effective communication and business success.

If you’re looking for efficiencies, we’re offering a tailored Step Ahead partner program. Our partner program is a unique engagement model where we help implement XBert specifically for your practice and client base. We work with you to set up process management flows and have catch-ups to ensure you’re getting the efficiencies you need and meeting your goals.

To request more information on our Step Ahead program, please register your interest using the form below and we'll contact you soon. Or if you want to dive in and see what XBert CONNECT offers now, then start your free trial. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

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