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Know the state of your client files in minutes with XBert.

by XBert Team ~ 2 min read

Bookkeepers can save hours and painful manual checks using XBert's AI Audit.

Whether it’s onboarding new clients, auditing files your clients are reconciling themselves or just reviewing your own manual checks – ensuring the accuracy of the data can be an arduous task for accountants and bookkeepers.

We get it: trusting the numbers is key. We also know typos, human errors, incorrect account coding, duplicates, unusual activity and more are all facts of human error in the business – especially when you have business owners reconciling their own books. Unfortunately, these things can not only impact data integrity, they take up precious time and can cost your business, or your client's business, a lot of money. Not to mention the impact on tax compliance and possible fines or penalties.

What’s more, these (easily-incurred) inaccuracies will hamper your reports. You won't have a real picture of the business' health and your client may make a decision that could be damaging.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How long do these checks take you, on a day to day in your business?
  • How much rework rears its ugly head at the End Of Financial Year, or BAS and TPAR lodgement time, when you find these errors?

If you answered more than 30 minutes to these questions – we have a solution for you. With the volume of transactions, the incomplete or inaccurate information some business owners provide, and outsourced bookkeeping on the rise, many say they'd welcome an extra layer of quality assurance and visibility.

We’ve got your back.

What if you could find out the state of your client files in minutes – and then continue to be alerted as issues, inconsistencies and errors arise?

That’s exactly what XBert offers busy bookkeepers and accountants. In less than 30 minutes, you can have your client files analysed by XBert’s sophisticated AI Audit and know exactly what needs attention across those files.

Load ‘em up.

It takes just a few clicks to sign up for a free trial with XBert and load your Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks client files to XBert and find out just how clean they are.

Our AI Audit immediately takes over, trawling the data, auditing bank feeds, scanning attachments and checking data across business information databases such as the Australian Business Register.

In minutes, you will be alerted to any risks like errors, anomalies, patterns and potential fraud and be able to action those, across all your clients, from the one Dashboard. We call this, working by exception.

The risk alerts, called XBerts, link directly to the relevant Xero entry or ABR record. You resolve the risk in Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks and can file that XBert away. You can also create tasks and can assign XBerts and tasks to someone to manage.

You can correct any mistakes such as duplicate contact records, bills or invoices, know when a supplier is not registered for GST, and reduce the risks associated with unregistered or cancelled businesses.

Your books will be more accurate and so will your reports, so you'll have better information to make better business decisions.

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But wait, there’s more…

For busy bookkeeping, accounting and advisory practices XBert provides a unique way to manage your business process, streamline workflow and keep track of clients' financial risk easily and efficiently from the one dashboard.

By finding errors and issues early, XBert helps ensure data integrity; improves compliance; provides up-to-date, accurate reports and insights; and safeguards your business and practice clients.

Add our practice management tools, including task and process automation, and you have a tool that’s going to save you time, money and help you scale your accounting or bookkeeping practice.