Manage your books and your clients effortlessly by turning emails into tasks in XBert

by XBert Team ~ 2 min read

Send an email to create a task in XBert. Our bookkeeping and collaboration tools are just some of the many features to help you stay a step ahead in business. resolve risk, save money, and save time.

Your workdays are frantic, and you probably use several different tools for productivity, collaboration, bookkeeping, and client management. Or perhaps you're rarely at a desk and are running your business from on-site, between jobs, or from a car or airport.

It's a hassle to continually switch from one tool to the other, and a recipe for disaster when you attempt to remember everything once you finally get a chance to sit down and focus on the books. Wouldn't it be great to be able to create a reminder or a task to tackle later as soon as it comes to mind?

You can do just that with XBert's email integration. Using tasks in XBert makes managing your clients, your books, your team, and your workflow a breeze – even on the go!

Fuss-free workflow

Each XBert organisation and XBert CONNECT account has a unique email address. If you're an admin, you will find this under the organisation's Business Settings for creating organisation related tasks or CONNECT Settings for creating CONNECT-only tasks.

Click on the email address to copy it, or highlight it and copy.

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Using your linked XBert email account, add the copied email address as the 'To' email. Email integration will not work from an email account you don't use with XBert.

It's a good idea to save the organisation's XBert email address as a contact such as XBert – ACME Pty Ltd to make it easier for the next time.

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The email subject becomes the task name, and any text in the email body becomes the task description.

XBert syncs hourly, close to the hour. After the next sync, you will see the task appear on the organisation's or CONNECT portal's ALL TASKS dashboard. Now you can assign the task, set a due date or make it a recurring task, add more details, comment, or flag it as urgent.

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Take care of your tasks, deadlines, and clients without any fuss.

Create as many tasks as you like then log in to XBert when you're ready to resolve risk and save money.

XBert was developed to help you succeed and stay a step ahead in business.

We want to make it simple and fast for you to manage day-to-day tasks. That way you can focus on income-generating activities, bringing in more clients, and growing your business.

We're continually developing new XBert business risk alerts and adding features, and are always happy to hear from you.

Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions to take care of risk, your team, tasks, and deadlines by emailing us at

If you're serious about business success, sync your accounting data with XBert, and in just a few minutes, you'll discover the amount of money at risk and how to prevent losing it. Book a demo or start your FREE 14-day trial now!

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