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3 tips to help you smooth out your EOFY workload

by XBert Team ~ 3 min read

Bookkeepers are starting to feel the EOFY workload stress. Using AI Audit, streamlining your workflows and planning for 2022 can help.

It’s around this time of year bookkeepers start to head in to one of two states: ready and prepared for the work that comes with End Of Financial Year, or the realization the onslaught is about to begin and the stress levels begin to rise.

We know, often it’s getting information from your clients that cause the latter. However, we also know that complicated checklists, manual checks and rework can exacerbate the problem. If you’re feeling it (especially after the last 18 months) never fear! It’s not too late to make some changes to ensure you keep your calm, and your work doesn’t consume your every waking thought for the next two months.

AI Audit: your BFF for EOFY

If you’re not yet using an AI Audit tool – what are you waiting for? One of the fastest and most efficient ways to ensure your data is clean heading into EOFY is to implement an AI Audit tool across your client files. We know many business owners are attempting to reconcile the books themselves – which can mean a lot of clean up and rework for you. Finding coding errors, duplicate invoices or bills and bills without attachments or documentation, right at the last minute adds to your workload.

With Artificial Intelligence trawling your data and looking for issues like duplicates, coding errors, GST and ABN discrepancies and then flagging them for your attention, you remove the need for many manual checks. There are no surprises right on deadline and you can trust the numbers. Not only will you save hours right off the bat – you’ll have confidence knowing the data is accurate and you can effectively advise your client on the health of their business moving into a new financial year.

The best part: it’s simple to set up. In just a few clicks, you can have XBert’s 55+ risk alerts trawling your Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks data multiple times a day, flagging issues, inconsistencies and anomalies that require your attention.


Make it simple for clients – and for you

It’s no secret chasing clients for information is one of the banes of many bookkeeping practices. Ensuring you have a simple, streamline way to communicate with your clients to help obtain the information you need is a game changer. Start by giving them plenty of notice. They’re busy doing what they do best – running their businesses (that’s why they employ you) and so the best way to avoid pestering leading up to stressful deadlines is to flag the information you’ll need early on.

Being able to remind your clients of their obligations, or instruct on how to obtain certain information, can be arduous and manual-work heavy if we’re talking texts, emails and phone calls. Using an automated collaboration system will take away much of the stress and work.

XBert’s Client Console is a centralized place you can collaborate and communicate with your clients, all while ensuring a neat trail of correspondence should the compliance officer come knocking.

Client Console

Look forward to next year

Discussing with your clients the year ahead will not only strengthen your working relationship, it will help Having access to deep insights into your client data at the click of a button means you can effectively and expertly advise on the health of their business, and help planning and goal setting for the next financial year.

Looking at your own practice, what are your goals? Are you looking to scale your business? Find efficiencies? Or, maybe you’re wanting to scale down and retire? All of these require planning. Evaluating what worked well, what didn’t and how you can improve heading into the next year is a key metric to achieve whatever goals you have.

XBert is dedicated to making work life easier for bookkeepers and accountants. Our AI Audit integrated with task and process automation has been built for the way you work, to help streamline your tech stack, ensure data integrity, reduce manual tasks and rework, and easily manage your team and workload.

If your goals include any of those, it's worth jumping in on a free trial today.