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Why using the right tech tool is the difference between surviving and thriving in 21/22.

by Kue Hall ~ 4 min read

Whether you're looking to scale your business or just find more time for you: using the right tech tools in your accounting firm or bookkeeping business is key. Find out what you should expect from an accounting add-on as a service.

Much like the rest of the world, the accounting and bookkeeping industries are almost unrecognisable from 5 years ago. It’s not just about how you work; it’s about what you do and how your services evolve. It’s about ensuring you’re using best practice. And it’s about continually adding meaningful value to your clients – all while (hopefully) maintaining that coveted work/life balance many start their own business for.

Like it or not – in today’s world, embracing technology is the key to mastering all those things. That is the reason technology exists: to provide the users with a fundamental change of how they approach their world, before they used the technology. And as Artificial Intelligence shapes the future-path of the industry, it's clear to see the most efficient way to scale up your business successfully and sustainably in 2021 and beyond, is understanding and implementing it. And it's for these reasons, we created XBert.

Tech is the best business partner

The sheer volume of technology solutions available on the market should be an indicator of it’s importance for future-focused business leaders. When it comes to the accounting and bookkeeping industries, the repetitive manual tasks of the work are ideal for Artificial Intelligence solutions to be implemented.

We know that excellent accountants and bookkeepers have a deep understanding of their clients. Every client can be different, not only on their line of business, but how they approach the management of their books. And so, any technology that will assist also needs to understand how to approach these differences. Using Artificial intelligence that is trained to know each individual business, provides a new way for both accountants and bookkeepers to support and streamline their services.

Looking to practice processes – traditionally, they have been complex, arduous and manual-work heavy. Technology, like we have built with XBert, changes the paradigm on the ‘do once, check, and lock’ approach, enabling you to smooth out your workflows. Consider, as your business scales and you’re onboarding new staff – what does that look like? Relying on staff to do the right thing, with no mistakes, all the time, just isn’t realistic. You can, however, trust the process when you’ve got the right technology in your corner and supporting your team.

The right people, armed with the right technology, can amplify your ability to quickly perform the work required and know if mistakes have been made. This can create a new way of working, focusing on the review process rather than hand-holding; providing a way for you to scale your business to any level.


The right tools for the job

If a builder turned up to work at your place with only hand-powered tools – what would you think? Any professional knows, having the right tools for your business is the key. Your clients expect the same.

Understanding the benefits a tool will have to your business, negates how much of an investment you make and technology is no different. Sure, you might be able to get by switching in and out of different technology tools – but the question is: What time are you spending on using tools that have not been built particularly for the users? Like all tools, technology has a learning curve, but it is just part of the course if you want to be the best at your job. Using a product, Like XBert, that has been developed specifically for your industry is a no-brainer.

In a world of fixed time versus hourly rates, it is important to have the right technology in place to remove time spent on charges that your competitors don’t have to pass on. This can be the difference when scaling up the ability to sell your services compared to your competitors.

Work board

Key information is just one click away

Many accountants and bookkeepers are enhancing their services with advisory – and you can too, without adding too many hours to your work day.

The days of the endless clicking or manually trawling data to find the right answers, or insights into your client’s business health, are coming to an end. Technology provides the information that allows professional bookkeepers to cut through to answers they’re looking for. Not only does this strengthen your relationship with your clients, it allows you add more billable hours to the clock, increasing your revenue.

The same applies to workflow. Forget sifting through spreadsheets and checklists to find where your team is at or whether something has been missed and begin to ‘manage by exception’. Using a dedicated tech solution that helps cut through the data to know where you and your team are, is a key part of staying on top of the information flow.

Tracking processes with one or two clicks and being able to understand where your business is at, while the technology constantly checks on all changes made by you, your team or the business, allows you to move forward but easily understand if someone has affected the end of month process. Not only does this revolutionise your day-to-day workflow, it also helps remove the End of Month, End of Quarter and End of Financial Year bump. This can literally be the difference between just surviving in your business, to alleviating time pressure and creating capacity to onboard and serve new clients.

Activity Counts

The future of accounting and bookkeeping

As Artificial Intelligence helps shape the next generation of accounting professionals and the way they do business; traditional manual-only practices will be disrupted, as modern accoutning professionals bookkeepers embrace technology and evolve the profession.

Mundane work will be removed, and opportunities for new services will emerge. Technology will continue to allow bookkeepers to understand their clients even better and will help unlock a new methodology of approaching their workflows. Using it in the right way is imperative for those looking to achieve this in their business.

This is exactly what we’re creating at XBert. Using smart, efficient technology solutions will empower the accounting professionals who embrace it with a question: What should we now do with the free time we have created – scale or relax?

Embrace technology and all its benefits with XBert

XBert is the most comprehensive audit and productvity tool built for accountants and bookkeepers. The sophisticated AI Audit, coupled with clever task and workflow management tools will not only save you time, they'll help you create a smooth, streamline system that helps prepare your business to easily scale.

But that's just the beginning. With XBert's extensive feature set, you will:

  • Sleep better knowing your client files are clean and healthy.
  • Have effortless visibility over the size and complexity of your client files.
  • Stop stressing about client retention with White-labelled Client Consoles
  • Free up time, and have the systems in place, to scale your business.

Start a free trial with XBert and discover why it’s the ultimate practice productivity tool for accountants and bookkeepers.