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5 common traits of future-focused bookkeepers

by XBert Team ~ 3 min read

Future focused bookkeepers embrace technology and are committed to professional development

The bookkeeping industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Desktop clients are diminishing. Manual, labour intensive data entry is no longer the core role of a professional bookkeeper. More practices are outsourcing and advisory is growing.

Keeping up in such a fast-paced environment is a job in itself. A future-focused bookkeeper is one that looks to automate part of their bookkeeping business in a way that serves both them and their client. It’s about collaborating, upskilling, business and personal development and a willingness to learn new things. But most of all, it’s about stepping into your true potential.

So what are the top 5 traits of a future-focused bookkeeper? We take a look:

1. Embraces technology

Technology is here to stay - and so are bookkeepers, with enhanced service offerings and more value add to businesses of all sizes. Given the past 18 months, we’ve seen bookkeepers have been more important than ever in helping businesses stay afloat. The mere speed of the development of bookkeeping solutions in the tech space is mind-blowing. If you fail to embrace the change, then you fail to find the true potential within your bookkeeping practice – and fail to deliver the best services to your clients.

2. Focuses on data management, rather than just data entry

‘Data entry professional’ is no longer an accurate way to describe a bookkeeper. Far from it. An experienced bookkeeper can assist a business with accurate reporting, budgeting and giving expert advice on the business’ current profits and future potential. The repetitive and boring tasks of processing data are now easily automated thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning like we use in XBert. This doesn’t take away from bookkeepers’ service offering, rather enhances productivity and frees up time for them to flex their muscles and showcase their real expertise.

3. Can explain and interpret data in a clear way

A unique opportunity allows bookkeepers to be the translator between the financials from the cloud and what it means in real terms – or to add to their service list ‘cloud advisor’. As artificial intelligence and machine learning takes on more of the routine data entry and checking work, bookkeepers can turn their skills and training to helping their clients not only understand their tech reporting solutions, but managing, interpreting, and reporting on a business’ financial information to help their clients understand it, in real terms. Apps like XBert make this even more simple with features like analytics and BI reports.

4. Advocates for collaboration

There is no competition when it comes to professional development for bookkeepers. The future-focused bookkeeper knows that tapping into a community of like-minded professionals is only of benefit, for their own skills, business development and client care. Technology solutions are released and improving all the time, and connecting with those who are using solutions as you do can help keep you abreast of any industry must-haves and new releases that are changing the game. In a post-COVID world this might mean Zoom meetings, social media discussion groups, webinars and online CPD – but when given the opportunity to connect in person professionally, at industry conferences as well.

5. Know their strengths and focus on them

As workloads evolve and time is freed up, many bookkeepers are choosing to hone-in on one particular client type; or industry – called niching. Heather Smith wrote an excellent article on niching for accountants and bookkeepers, explaining that by focusing your services in a specialised area, you increase credibility, profit margin and productivity.

How XBert helps future-focused bookkeepers

XBert is dedicated to professional bookkeepers wanting to streamline their app stack, discover team efficiencies and grow their practice and advisory.

With 50+ unique risk alerts currently (and more being developed all the time), XBert eliminates the need for many time-consuming manual data checks and reducing manual tasks for bookkeepers, while giving complete confidence in the numbers, reducing review time and the need for rework. But that’s just the beginning.

XBert’s practice management solutions are designed to streamline your whole workflow process so you can do as much as possible, within one system. Our task and process automation streamlines practice workflow, giving you complete visibility over your practice at any given time. Insights, analytics and BI reports help you understand the behaviour of your clients uncovering insights for onboarding, billing and to grow your advisory service offering.

What have you got to lose? Load some files FREE…and we’ll tell you.