Practice visibility across your entire client base

Business Intelligence reports to share with clients, help with billing, and to gain insight of the volume and type of work under management.


Intuitive Business Intelligence reporting that gives you deep insights into your client data for onboarding, billing, and advisory.

Over 30 client consolidated interactive reports. If there’s another report that can save you time you can ask us to build it for you - chances are it’s already being developed.

Here’s an example of reports that prevent you digging through every single client file. Exportable and shareable.

XBert Business Intelligence reports to enhance your advisory.
Client Summary Metrics
For each client, provides the count of contacts, accounts, invoices, bills, employees and several other high level metrics.
GST/VAT Related Transactions for Tax Reporting
Drill into the fine detail of every key transaction that relates to BAS, per tax type for each client, by contact, transaction source and GL account.
Data Quality Quadrant
View your clients as a function of their transaction activity relative to the count and value of data quality issues.
Practice Financial Overview management
Provides an overview of all or selected clients in a single page. View for different time periods and by cash or accrual.
ENGAGE and advise

Enhance your advisory and request information from clients with a selection of XBert reports you can share or add to client portals.

Our data quality report is a great time saver to uncover the size and complexity, as well as what needs immediate clean up. Share it with your client for instant rockstar value, and to justify your billing.

Here is an example of reports you can share or turn on for your clients in their portal:

Active a range of reports in your client portal to advise your client.
Financial Overview
A key report that provides an overview of the business in a single interactive page.
Health and Data Quality Report
A summary of the automated data quality checks that XBert runs across your accounting data every day.
Summary of Tax Amounts by Type
Total value per month for each tax type. Useful to review as part of BAS preparation.
Client Queries
View and export the transactions that might need information from your clients to help complete their bookkeeping.
BAS Related Transactions and GST
Drill into the fine detail of every key transaction that relates to BAS, per tax type, by contact, transaction source and GL account.
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'The real-time business intelligence risk reports are a highly valuable tool for client risk analysis and a meaningful conversation starter.'
Heath Shonhan - Partner - Bentleys Queensland
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