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Find mistakes in your books before they cost you money

Connect your bookkeeping file and let our AI XBert Algorithms work their magic. Manage your team tasks and workflow in the same system.

What is XBert for Business Owners

Know about risk before you know the risk exists and have peace of mind your making smarter decisions with accurate data?

You’re busy running your business, which makes it hard to focus on the books in real time. XBert helps you stay on top of your financials, thanks to 76+ AI audit risk alerts checking your books multiple times a day.
You will be alerted to bookkeeping issues as they arise, and have simple instructions on how to resolve them.

There are many XBerts that help business owners know about risk before they know the risk exists.
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How can I help my business save money?

Simple bookkeeping errors like paying GST to a non-GST registered business, or sending duplicate invoices, could go months without being caught and directly affect your cashflow.
XBert works for you around the clock to ensure those issues are flagged as they arise – saving you time, money and giving your peace of mind to make smarter business decisions.

Be alerted to risk and resolve on a simple dashboard.
Connect + Collaborate

How much time and money do I need to invest?

Simply sign up for a free trial, connect your Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks accounts and XBert will immediately begin analysing your data. You’ll be notified as soon as we’ve found anything, with simple instructions on how to resolve any issues.
Do it yourself right away, or collaborate with your finance team and use the alerts as constructive feedback for your bookkeeper.

Ask you Bookkeeper to use CBert and invite you to your client portal.
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Task MAnagement

Use XBert as your team task management tool and get the visibility on your teams capacity like you've always wanted.

XBert is a one of kind workflow and task management tool that monitors your books at the same time. It comes with free templates for Bookkeeper Process automation and you can set up recurring automation for other work teams to drive team efficiencies to new heights. A variety of work views allow teams to focus and managers have visibility on capacity. Move your task management into the smartest system that monitors your bottom line as well.

Manage your day to day tasks with XBerts Workflow management tools.
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Get started with smarter efficiency

Start with workflow only, or connect your files and reduce that manual effort.

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'I can better serve my clients'
'I trust that XBert has my back so that I can better serve my clients. XBert eliminates the non-billable time I used to waste, and I know I'm providing the cleanest set of books. It's a really exciting app built for professionals.'
Michele Grisdale - Rainforest Bookkeeping
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How XBerts are helping business stay a step ahead of risk