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Process, visibility and data quality control in one system

‘Game changer’ - Greg Mallam - Moore Australia

What is XBert for Practice Managers

Teams know what to do when, you get visibility on capacity and quality of their work.

XBert’s smart workflow management tools will help you streamline and automate your processes, and give you visibility across your entire practice workflow.
Easily collaborate with your team and clients, manage your team’s workload and know what needs to be done, by who and when, in just a few clicks.

Multiple views on team and client tasks
Process, Priority, Client and Team boards to understand capacity of your team, and ensure timely responses from clients.
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Team and client collaboration
Action items with team and client and collaborate to complete tasks and resolve risks efficiently.
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Recurring tasks with multi schedules
Less Templates to manage with multi schedules - great for different client types.
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Client Information Management
Organise client information using our notes, smart link to templates and schedules for ultimate efficiencies.
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Be a leading data quality firm

• Ensure nothing gets missed.
• Obtain visibility over the accuracy of your team.
• Ensure out sourced services are providing quality data entry.
• Find client errors first and up skill your clients.

No more finding sneaky errors, like duplicate invoices or incorrect tax status, right on lodgement deadline (if they’re found at all).

XBert’s AI audit risk alerts detect errors, potential fraud, inconsistencies and behavioural patterns in the data, removing the need for mundane manual checks, reducing rework and helping you provide better advice to your clients.

Connect Xero, Myob and QuickBooks files to have XBert monitor your data daily saving you time and money.
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Consolidated client reports

Understand the size and complexity of client files

Now you can have over 15 consolidated client reports at your finger tips. Interactive BI reports including client activities, data quality, financial overview, BAS related transactions and more.

XBert analytics also provides a range of reports to help your clients make the smartest decisions knowing the data is accurate and any outstanding data quality issues or anomalies can be addressed together before it’s too late.

XBert client file size and complexity report.
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Getting started with Data Quality

If you would like to get started with Data Quality only, all you need to do is simply sign up for a free trial, connect your Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks accounts and XBert will immediately begin analysing your data.

Start saving time now with Auto resolve or use deep links into you clients books to address issues smartly. Invite your clients into their client portal to request information and assign risk issues to them before they become bigger business headaches.


Workflow Only?

If you would like to get started with Workflow automation only, all you need to do is choose workflow only when you sign up for a free trial.

Load our pre-built best practice templates, modify them if you like, and simply add recurring schedules to suit your teams capacity.

Getting started is super simple with XBert, however if your are time poor we offer various levels of onboarding for small, large and enterprise clients.


Get started with smarter efficiency

Start with workflow only, or connect your files and reduce that manual effort.

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Onboarding more clients
'I have started onboarding more clients, because I knew I had the mental capacity to cope with the workload. Everything is systematic and organised in the one system and it’s so easy to see where your staff are up to at any given time.'
Sumi Sivalingam - First Class Accounts Doncaster
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How XBerts are helping business stay a step ahead of risk