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The tools to be more valuable to your clients

XBert has the portal to engage with your clients, collect information and provide valuable insights.


XBerts white-labelled client console allows you to easily collaborate with your clients, while uncovering insights for onboarding clients, advisory, billing and so much more.

Clients will be forever grateful when you find issues  
that could cost them their business - and you’ll be  
grateful for the time (and sanity) saved if you’re  
inheriting ‘less than professional’ books.

XBert Business Intelligence reports to enhance your advisory.XBert Business Intelligence reports to enhance your advisory.
File health and data quality
Get deep insights into the health of your client files and use them to onboard new clients and to justify billing.
Streamline communication
Assign tasks, communicate and collaborate with your client in one place, leaving a neat audit trail.
Shared insights and reports
Grow your advisory and open meaningful conversations with your clients.
Client information
Securely store and link to your client documents in one place, with easy access at any time with XBert Notes.
XBerts to help Business decisions

Surfacing unusual activity to raise potential alarm bells can be the difference of a thriving business and a financially stressed one.

XBerts alert business to patterns and anomalies so finance teams can add additional value to finance meetings without the digging. Potential in-bound or in-house fraud, unusual payments or activity found early can prevent a business heading quickly in the wrong direction.

These are a few examples of how you can instantly add value by sharing with business owners.

XBert Client ConsoleBe more valuable to your clients with XBert.
Payment Anomalies
Be alerted to unusual behaviour from customers and suppliers so you check for fraudulent activity or mistakes.
Paying GST or VAT when you shouldn’t
Inbound fraud using another parties business registration , or wrongfully adding it to bills is lost money and ironically place the business claiming the tax on their returns in hot water.
Why is that payment late?
XBert will alert you when we think the business that owes you money may be in trouble, or closes their business.
Inaccurate reporting
Unresolved XBerts on your file can mean reporting is inaccurate. Ensure your finance team has resolved XBerts before the business owner makes a decision they may regret.
Incomplete or inconsistent coding
If a bank statement line is missing we’ll let you know - this could be a fraud trail. Inconsistent coding will lead to inaccurate reports - we have XBerts for that.
And more!
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Connect Your Files ➝
ENGAGE and advise

Enhance your advisory and request information from clients with a selection of XBert reports you can share or add to client portals.

Our data quality report is a great time saver to uncover the size and complexity, as well as what needs immediate clean up. Share it with your client for instant rockstar value, and to justify your billing.

Here is an example of reports you can share or turn on for your clients in their portal:

Active a range of reports in your client portal to advise your client.
Financial Overview
A key report that provides an overview of the business in a single interactive page.
Data Quality Report
A summary of the automated data quality checks that XBert runs across your accounting data every day.
Summary of Tax Amounts by Type
Total value per month for each tax type. Useful to review as part of BAS preparation.
Client Queries
View and export the transactions that might need information from your clients to help complete their bookkeeping.
BAS Related Transactions and GST
Drill into the fine detail of every key transaction that relates to BAS, per tax type, by contact, transaction source and GL account.
And more!
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Connect Your Files ➝
Create a task From anywhere

We make it easy to up-skill your clients.

An example is finding an issue created in a client file made by your client or your staff.

Use our browser extension to create a task right there and then, instruct how things should be done, or ask why something was done, assign it, and it will appear on your team and client dashboard with a link straight back to the issue.

Shows you related XBerts when working in client files
Less management of templates, add many schedules provides more flexibility to manage client types.
Gives you quick access to tasks for that client
Drive visibility on staff capacity to ensure your meet serviceability.
Allows super quick tasks creation deep linked backto the source
The task will be deep-linked back to your accounting file source or where ever you were on the great wide web.

Connect your clients file, switch on their portal and send an invite.

Be more valuable to your client now.

Share XBert alerts with your clients to help them make smarter decisions.

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Alerted a client to a $20,000 GST error
“XBert’s AI Audit is like having a personal assistant. Just today XBert found a $20k plus GST issue between related entities that we were able to solve quickly and seamlessly. With XBert - we know issues are being flagged and can be taken care of.”
Sue Dowling - Bookkeeper - Aintree Group
XBert spots the outliers

How XBerts are helping business stay a step ahead of risk