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XBert is an intuitive Workflow Management Suite for bookkeepers and accountants that keeps you and your team focused, efficient and productive.

Coupled with AI data quality automation -
you'll be doing less work in no time.

Xbert workflow built for bookkeepers to get work done
Rich Task Management

One of a kind workflow tool that checks the quality of your books reducing time sapping repetitive manual tasks

Now you have found a tool to keep your books tidy, and protects your clients bottom line it’s time to get your workflow integrated into one of the smartest tools in every progressive bookkeepers app stack.

XBert is the one system to manage your internal processes, team, clients, their data quality and their reports. Simply a smarter way to work.

XBert work boards are all you need
Simple, customisable
Quickly customise your processes, statuses and client roles to ensure your team is up and running in no time. Save your favourite views and filters for efficiencies and more.
Stay focused on the Priority board
Organise your team members with priority work to ensure they stay focused and on track. Make their priority board the go to.
Status assignee automation
Update tasks status and configure to auto assign to a person or role. If you’re the reviewer, then automate tasks ready for review, to you.
Team View to understand capacity
Gain visibility on your teams capacity by adding estimated time to adhoc tasks and templates. Easily filter overdue items and re-assign to other members in a few clicks.
Create tasks for multiple clients at once
Assign roles to multi-client tasks to ensure the correct staff member is assigned – super quick with less clicks.
Client View to stay on top of client work
Switch to client view board when you need to get an instant snapshot view of the total amount of work for each client.
Comments and history audit
Understand task movement, including due date, assignee, and status updates. Review team commentary on tasks and comment to individual team members.
Re-organise work with Bulk Actions
When a team member is overloaded or unexpectedly away you can simply bulk re-assign, change due dates, status and more.
Smart Email to task
Sick of a cluttered connected inbox. Forward emails into XBert and we’ll smartly auto allocate them to your clients' task list.
Time track, report and more!
We have an extensive user-led roadmap and user group of industry specialists ensuring we continue to deliver future leading features.

Team and client workspaces

XBert Connect
View all XBerts and tasks for all clients in the one connected workplace. Use powerful filters, saved views and bulk actions for ultimate efficiency.
Xbert Client portal allow you to collaborate with your clients.
XBert Client
Choose to work with clients to resolve risks in client portals. Choose to allow clients to see only what's relevant to them.
Team & Client View
XBert team capacity board lets managers see what team and client need to do, what's overdue and what's complete in any time period.
XBert team priority boards help you stay focused
Priority View
Priority view provides a simple view of each team members tasks for any period. Great for re-ordering and focusing on the days works.
Very Slick Template Scheduling

Template automation with Multi-Schedules reduces management and keeps your team efficient and on task.

Automate all your recurring processes with customisable workflow templates, complete with multi-scheduling for different client types.

XBert templates and scheduling system built for the way bookkeepers work
Process aligned
Use our default XBert matched process set or customise your own to ensure your firm remains process driven every step of the way.
Less management of templates, multiple schedules provides more flexibility to manage client types and team capacity.
Feature rich
Manage task information with sub tasks, instructions,smart links, attachments per schedule and more.
Allocate time estimates
Drive visibility on staff capacity to ensure your meet serviceability.
Smart note links
Keep all your client information in XBerts notes systemand smartly link them to templates.
Smart deep links
Intuitively links to the respective accounting file or anywhere you create a task when using our browser extension.
Assign XBerts and tasks to clients

Invite your client in, start collaborating and enhance that trusted relationship

Create scheduled tasks to remind clients of required information, share ad-hoc tasks, and collaborate on XBert alerts all in each of your client's individual portal.

XBert Client portals allow you to share risk before your client knows it exists
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Create a task From anywhere

We have a browser extension that does that. You might use it to instruct your client or team what not to do.

An example is finding an issue created in a client file made by your client or your staff.

Use our browser extension to create a task right there and then, instruct how things should be done, or ask why something was done, assign it, and it will appear on your team and client dashboard with a link straight back to the issue.

Shows you related XBerts when working in client files
Less management of templates, add many schedules provides more flexibility to manage client types.
Gives you quick access to tasks for that client
Drive visibility on staff capacity to ensure your meet serviceability.
Allows super quick tasks creation deep linked backto the source
The task will be deep-linked back to your accounting file source or where ever you were on the great wide web.

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40% increase in productivity
... and with XBert we can enhance what we do, do it faster and know it's right. Our checking processes have improved by 15%, and it raises the bar with regards to the level of service and integrity in the data. XBert blew me away with how quickly it picked up issues and inconsistencies. The automated ABN and GST checks are gold!'
Diane McCaffrey - Director - BYO group
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