Connect XBert to MYOB to keep your files clean, tidy and compliant.
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Have MYOB files scanned multiple times a day by 80+* XBert AI audit algorithms to reduce review and rework.

Use smarter workflow tools to manage your team and clients, and consolidated analytics to price and manage clients.

XBert spots the outliers

Looking to save hours of review and rework?
Connect XBert to protect your MYOB today.

Connect XBert to MYOB

Integrating XBert with MYOB is fast and easy.

Our XBerts automatically sync with your accounting package multiple times a day, allowing you to have the accurate, up-to-date data you always wanted.
Sign up to XBert app for the first time and you’ll be sent to the MYOB log in screen and be prompted to integrate your MYOB account. You can sign up to XBert with your MYOB login.

When using XBert, any alerts you receive can be fixed within MYOB or using our Auto-Resolve functions in XBert. These features save you hours of work. Once the underlying issue is fixed, the XBert will show as resolved after the next data sync, and then you can file that XBert away. We only store the data needed to provide you with the relevant XBert notifications, and this data is stored in an encrypted database.

XBert connects with these key MYOB entities: Journals, Users, Profit Loss, Invoices, Bank Transactions, Bank Statements. Accounts, Organisations, Credit Notes, Bank Transfers, Payments, Payroll if applicable and Contacts.
XBert Connects with Myob quickly and easily to checks Data Quality multiple time a day and you, your team and clients saving hours of rework.
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AI AUDIT - keep your files smick

Our Expert Business Alert algorithms scan your data reducing hours of rework by auditing your accounts files tirelessly, saving you and your team hours of non-profitable work.

While you sleep - No setup required.

Over 65 XBert types and growing
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XBert Workflow AutoMATION

Bookkeeper process automation driving team efficiencies to new heights. XBert alerts reduce manual tasks for team and clients. A variety of work views allow teams to focus and managers have visibility on capacity.

XBert Work list screen makes it easier to get work done.
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XBert Analytics

Consolidated practice reports to understand the size and complexity of your client files and to take your advisory to the next level - thanks to quality checked reports.

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Enhance your rockstar status when you assign risk alerts and tasks to your clients to ensure timely responses.

Turn on advisory reports knowing XBert has quality checked your data.

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XBert Work list screen makes it easier to get work done.
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'Confidence in the quality of the data'
“In the past we reviewed all the transactions to ensure it’s all correct. And then we’d be having discussions with the client about errors in the business. Using XBert immediately improves timeliness and confidence in the quality of the data, and that allows me to go back to the client and have meaningful discussions regarding the performance of the business.”
Pierre Dixon, Managing Director, Real Time Accounting
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