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Save hours on
manual checks and focus your efforts where it matters, faster.

XBert is your flawless AI assistant, auditing the data multiple times a day while you sleep.

XBert spots the outliers
What is XBert for AUDITORS?

We'll check your data all year round - giving you more time to dig deeper.

AI audit risk alerts look for errors, inconsistencies and behavioural patterns in the data, alerting you to potential risk and flagging where to focus your efforts – all without hours of manual data analysis.

Our Practice BI Analytics will help you collaborate and communicate with your clients on data quality risk and help you provide additional services.

If there is something you would like added to our audit checks - just ask.

XBert gets it right
We find the gremlins

More time for monster hunting!

You will save hours on mundane manual checks, ensure data integrity and gain the ability to focus on the key risk areas right away, with the latest in data science and machine learning trawling the data multiple times a day, all year round.

Now you will have more time to find hidden issues, and find that next monster client.

Simply connect your files and we'll create alerts to resolve for you on a neat, simple, collaborative dashboard.

XBert Data Quality report for all your clients.
Connect your files ➝Learn ABout Analytics ➝

AI Data Quality enables fast confident advisory

Load your files and let XBert work its magic. You’ll have a great set of data quality reports including a consolidated client report and for each client to get you started.

These reports can be shared with your clients via a link, or within a client portal you invite them to.

XBert Analytics offers a range of reports for your clients to enhance your advisory.
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Getting started with AI Data Quality

If you would like to get started with Data Quality only, all you need to do is simply sign up for a free trial, connect your Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks accounts and XBert will immediately begin analysing your data. You’ll be notified as soon as we’ve found anything, with simple instructions on how to resolve any issues.

Start saving time now with Auto resolve or use deep links into you clients books to address issues smartly. Invite your clients into their client portal to request information and assign risk issues to them before they become bigger business headaches.


Workflow Only?

If you would like to get started with Workflow automation only, all you need to do is choose workflow only when you sign up for a free trial.

Load our pre-built best practice templates, modify them to your requirements, and simply add recurring schedules to suit your teams capacity.

Getting started is super simple with XBert, however if your are time poor we offer various levels of onboarding for small, large and enterprise clients.


Get started and relax a little

Ask us to build XBerts so you don't have to get out of bed.

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'So much quicker'
“We were so impressed at how the AI audit was able to go and detect things we needed to look at. Then to just hit the resolve button - it’s so much quicker and more simple than trawling through transactions on a file to spot something.”
Mae Kudzius - Bray Chan Accounting
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How XBerts are helping business stay a step ahead of risk