BI Reports - a smarter way to grow your advisory

Spreadsheets are no longer the smartest or most efficient way for advisors looking to accurately analyse and utilize all the business information gathered on, and supplied by, a client. Enter: BI Reporting.

Given the rapidly changing face of the business world – and the trials and tribulations highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic – BI Reporting is proving to be imperative for accountants and bookkeepers looking to collect data effectively and turn insights in action. No industry benefits from this form of data collection and presentation more than the accounting and bookkeeping industries. From the small sole trader looking to service current clients or a large multi-national firm looking to upskill employees and grow advisory…BI reporting is an incredibly effective, necessary tool.

Benefits of BI Reporting:

  • Utilise real-time data
  • Client analysis and behavioural prediction
  • Informed, data-driven decision making
  • Cost analysis

And that’s exactly why we knew XBert users needed it. Our NEW integrated BI Reports are changing the game for our users.

Added benefits of XBert's BI Reports include:

  • Data Health Scores
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Financial Overview
  • Identify areas for bookkeeping improvements

Giving you a multi-perspective view into your client’s datasets at the simple click of a button, XBert’s BI Reports give you deep insights into any client’s business health, allowing you to give meaningful advice on their business. Beginning with a 12-month business quality check overview, you can then drill down on specific dates, datasets (think banking, sales, payroll, invoicing, billing and bookkeeping) to gain insights to a specific period.

You can filter through these thanks to clickable, easy-to-read visuals. We’ve even included the option to practice-brand the reports, giving you the option to on-sell to your clients. If you’re looking to add more value to your clients, grow your advisory and in turn, increase revenue – all without loads of extra leg work, then introducing BI Reports to your advisory is a must.

XBert BI Reports

But wait, there’s more…

Working with the correct tools in your business means smarter, more effective work and delivery. It doesn’t matter what niche market you’re in or what the scale of your business is – if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, XBert has been developed specifically to help you .With our AI auditing, workflow tools and BI reports, XBert is the only tool for the industry that combines all the necessary functions for a smarter, streamlined practice workflow. Why would you use just a task tool when you can have AI-audit, analytics and BI reporting built-in?

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