June 16, 2022

Capacity Management with XBert’s new Time Estimate feature

Capacity Management with XBert’s new Time Estimate feature

When it comes to running a business, in particular managing a team, being on top of the workload and the capacity management for your staff is key not just to productivity, but to company culture.

Too much work and not enough time is a toxic environment to work in. It can lead to high turnover, decreased job satisfaction and bitter staff. On the other hand, too much time and not enough work – well, that starts eating into your bottom line and is just plain bad business. Finding the balance between the two is the sweet spot that amplifies productivity, allows you to avoid micro-managing and create an environment of empowerment and high job satisfaction. 

Capacity Management made simple

Understanding workload and capacity for every member of staff in your business doesn’t have to be a nightmare – and it doesn’t have to take you out of the game with hours of review either.  

XBert’s Estimated Time feature is designed to help you have easy access to capacity either at a team or client level, in just a couple of clicks. 

If you’re a sole trader, it can feel like you have endless amounts of never-ending work. Using Estimate Time will allow you to quickly see how much work you have left to do, at any given time. 

For those of you managing a team, this is a real game changer. Not only will you easily be able to see which staff members have excess work – or not enough – you'll also be able to track whether a task is taking longer than it should.  

Estimated Time allows you to set a time on your Template Tasks, for visibility on how long a task should take, and the work load a user has assigned at any given time. 

You can add Estimated Time when creating a new Template, or later on by editing an existing Template.  

For example, if you know Payroll generally takes 30 minutes per client – you simply add 30 minutes to your Payroll template. However, if you have a larger client with a bigger Payroll workload – you can adjust the time accordingly, on the schedule for that client. Whenever that client task appears on yours or your staff members work board, you will immediately be able to see how much time you have allocated. 

You can also add Estimated Time to any ad hoc task created on the Work board. 

This filters through to your Team and Client Views – so that at the click of a button, you can see how much a team member, or Client, has allocated at any given time. 

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