How bookkeepers enhance data integrity and gain time for advisory

Diane McCaffrey and her team at bookkeeping practice BYO Group love perfect. Diane has over 20 years of experience as a transactional-based accountant. BYO Group is dedicated to providing bespoke, innovative and technology-driven solutions for clients and covers everything from payroll and compliance through to detailed business analysis. Their clients are a diverse bunch and include people from the creative, IT, legal, health and allied health, manufacturing and engineering fields. Since implementing XBert, they've freed up hours each day and have more confidence in the data. Time previously spent manually checking "walls of data" is now used for advisory.

What XBert does for BYO group

A business can only be as good as the data they're using. Accurate and up-to-date information is crucial, and data integrity is the bedrock for BYO Group. With XBert’s AI-audit and bookkeeping risk alerts surfacing issues, Diane and her team know they can rely on the quality of the data and insights. The value and efficiencies gained from XBert mean the solution is now included on all proposals sent to clients.

We love perfect, and with XBert we can enhance what we do, do it faster and know it's right. Our checking processes have improved by 15%, and it raises the bar with regards to the level of service and integrity in the data. XBert blew me away with how quickly it picked up issues and inconsistencies. The automated ABN and GST checks are gold!

Diane is uncompromising in ensuring data integrity, guaranteeing deadlines, maintaining clients' trust, and a tailored, collaborative approach. XBert has become vital to BYO Group's integrity portfolio so they can continue to have their "eye on the ball at all times", a high standard of service and create meaningful value for clients. When the COVID-19 economic crisis hit, like other bookkeepers and accountants, BYO Group experienced a flood of enquiries and pleas from stressed and worried clients faced with forced closures, plunging revenues and changing operations. As governments announced assistance and stimulus packages for business, clients needed help navigating eligibility and implementing schemes. Workloads for the BYO team jumped, but it didn't mean any existing or standard work disappeared.

XBert has been a blessing during this busy period. If we were bogged down in data, we wouldn't have been able to stay updated on changing legislation and implement the JobKeeper scheme for eligible clients.

The account managers at BYO Group open XBert every morning. Previously, they'd manually check thousands of transactions in files across many clients and run their eyes over 'bumpy reports' to ensure accuracy and correct account coding.Now, XBert gets there first.

We have greater confidence in the data as XBert brings the variables to our attention, and we are checking more issues than before. We also find increased job satisfaction when reviewing work.

According to Diane, XBert really delivers. The accuracy and efficiency of manual checking processes have improved by 15% and they have greater confidence in the data. She no longer has to intensively check the work of her team or review data at a granular level. She's moved away from oversight and dedicates time to growing her practice with confidence and job satisfaction has also increased when reviewing work.

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