How XBert helps communicate your firm’s value to clients

Choosing an accountant (and staying with that accountant) can be a complicated choice for any business owner. In a crowded marketplace, there are plenty of firms to pick from. Potential clients can make their decision based on price, personal recommendations or the services you offer. But how do you make your firm stand out from the crowd? 

Your firm’s unique selling point (USP) comes down to the value you offer to clients. In short, how you can make their lives easier and help them drive their business forward.

So, what value can you bring to the table? And how does XBert’s AI-powered practice management platform help you maximise and communicate this value effectively?

Where do you add the most value for clients?

If you ask the average business owner what their accountant does for them, the answer is likely to be ‘They do the accounts and file our tax returns’. But as anyone in the accounting industry knows, the value you bring to your clients runs so much deeper than this. 

For most clients you’ll be:

  • Keeping their financial management and compliance on track, and making sure the business is solvent, viable and has an eye on making a decent profit at year-end.
  • Managing and forecasting their cashflow, to ensure they’re always in a positive cashflow position and have the liquid cash needed to stay operational.
  • Giving strategic business advice, keeping them focused on clear goals, great performance and sticking to an agreed business plan.
  • Updating the client’s tech, so their systems, processes and data collection is fit for the 21st century and running a digital business
  • Providing detailed reporting, management information and analysis, so the client has the very best information on which to base their decisions.
  • Acting as an independent adviser, so the business always has an objective and informed viewpoint on any big business decisions or potential opportunities.
  • Helping the owner become a true leader, by offering advice, mentoring, coaching and personal catch-ups with the person at the helm of the business.

How do you communicate this value?

You might know the hard work, advice, time and associated value you bring to every single client in your portfolio. But do the clients, targets and prospects truly understand how you make their lives easier and their business more successful?

The answer to that value question is probably ‘Not as much as we’d like them to’. So, what can you do to raise that awareness and really paint a golden picture of how your firm adds value?

A good starting point would be to:

  • Run a review of your services – pin down exactly how you’re helping clients run a successful business. Where are you doing the heavy lifting? Which processes have you helped to streamline? And where are you giving the best possible advice? 
  • Talk to your existing clients about their experience – sitting down to talk about value with your existing clients can be a real eye-opener. Regular catch-ups help you pinpoint the true value and see where your clients appreciate the work you do.
  • Define the firm’s key value pillars – deciding on the main values you want to offer helps you focus on promoting these benefits. Does the firm aim to take on the financial workload and save time for clients? Or are you the strategic brains behind their growth?
  • Clearly communicate your value – update your website, your social presence and your client comms with clear, memorable messaging around your key value as a firm. Talk openly and frequently about your mission and the feedback you get from clients.
  • Feature your tech and the benefits of AI – make sure you communicate the advantages and efficiencies of having AI tools in your practice app stack. A tech-savvy, progressive firm can add so much greater value than a non-digital practice. 

How XBert helps you ramp up your value offering

Tech is never a replacement for the true power of a good human adviser. But the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can do so much to make your firm a more valuable prospect for clients. 

XBert’s AI-powered practice management platform is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI, automation and data analysis in a modern digital practice. The data in your clients’ ledgers act as the foundations for your compliance, accounting and advisory work. So, being able to up the data quality, improve the efficiency and pull out key insights from this data is a massive boost to your value proposition.

Talking to clients about the added value of XBert shines a light on your firm’s USP. Chat about streamlining the collaboration process, adding deeper business insights and keeping the client up to date with every metric and key performance indicator (KPI). 

XBert becomes the AI heart of the practice, bringing:

  • Smart AI automation of your data checking – 70+ algorithms help XBert’s  AI tools analyse and check your client’s accounting information for errors, variances and trends.
  • Direct integration with client’s accounts – XBert integrates with Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB, making it incredibly easy for clients to connect with your systems.
  • Automation of your workflows – our workflow automation helps you create tasks, collaborate with clients and keep in total control of the client’s engagement.
  • Deep insights from our BI analytics – XBerts business intelligence (BI) tools give you unrivalled reporting and management information to share with clients
  • A dedicated client portal – our client portal makes it easier for clients to see their key insights and reports and collaborate more closely with you and your team. 

Futurise your firm with XBert and shine the spotlight on your value as a firm.

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