Real-life customer success stories: the benefits of XBert's AI-powered practice management

It's been three years since XBert was first launched into the Australian accounting market. In that time, it's been rewarding to see how much of a difference we're making to our accounting and bookkeeping partners. And how XBert is evolving to meet their needs.

Our AI-driven data quality, workflow automation and deep analytics tools have been a revelation for firms, helping them to boost the depth and efficiency of their workflows. Our client portal has been a game-changer in making client interactions a breeze, adding to the value that our accounting partners get from their client relationships and day-to-day interactions. 

But don't take our word for it. Let's hear straight from these accounting and bookkeeping partners to find out just how XBert has transformed their firm and client experience.

South Coast Bookkeeping: expanding the firm’s efficiency and capacity without expanding headcount

South Coast Bookkeeping assists many family-owned and entrepreneurial businesses through the firm’s expertise and focus on tech-based bookkeeping solutions. Founding partner, Trina Dando, has a passion for helping people grow their businesses and is now growing her own practice, bringing all the benefits of cloud and digital tech to her expanding client portfolio.

  • Why did the firm need new practice software? Trina was looking for a way to standardise her practice processes – outside of her own head – and to help streamline her time as her business grew. After meeting the XBert team, Trina decided XBert could be the solution to help her support her clients in the best way while also keeping the headcount of her practice low.
  • What made them choose XBert? “I realised that XBert was an incredible time saver. I currently have a part-time employee, but I don’t need another one for some time because of the work XBert helps me get done.”
  • How did XBert transform their practice management? “Not only do we know exactly what needs to be done and what the process is, onboarding new clients is so simple. And, if/when we do need to expand our headcount and team, onboarding those new team members will be a breeze as well.” 
  • What’s the best thing about using XBert? “The first thing I really liked was the ABN checks. These aren’t the easiest thing to do manually, but you do need to keep on top of them. Rather than this being a yearly, time-consuming task, it’s something XBert picks up really quickly and can keep on top of as you’re going through the year.”

Next Dimension: becoming the online hub that drives the practice team’s tasks, workflow and data quality

Next Dimension is a Xero Gold Partner with a specialism in providing services and advice for not-for-profit organisations. The firm also has a healthy portfolio of business clients, and founder and MD, Brendan Lucas is proud of the way the firm can crunch the numbers, be across the data and help their mix of not-for-profit and business clients make informed decisions.

  • Why did the firm need new practice software? The firm was looking for practice software that included task and process automation, with a view to boosting efficiency and providing their clients with real-time insights and smarter advice for their businesses. 
  • What made them choose XBert? “What really set XBert apart was the time the team spent understanding what our practice needed, developing those features and giving us advice on how we could best streamline that with XBert. Their response time to bring things into the system and reply well exceeded my expectations – that was when I realised we’d partnered with the right team.
  • How did XBert transform their practice management? “We’re now managing our month-end checklists through XBert, with the helicopter view reporting being so useful for me as a partner. We’re also getting our staff to use XBert as their daily ‘hub’, whether it’s dealing with Xero coding issues to checking which organisations have unreconciled items that need to be looked at.”
  • What’s the best thing about using XBert? “We’ve always had great systems in place but with the sheer volume of transactions and clients we have, there’s always a possibility for human errors to slip through. XBert is another set of eyes looking over the numbers we might miss – things AI can identify above human error.”

Rainforest Bookkeeping: evolving into a paperless firm with XBert as their new team member

Rainforest Bookkeeping, is a fast-moving, tech-savvy bookkeeping firm and a staunch supporter of trades, small businesses, bookkeepers and BAS agents. Michelle Grisdale is the founder and owner and a committed mentor to their business clients and peers. The firm uses Xero and an app stack of tools to keep pace with the firm’s growing client base and workload.

  • Why did the firm need new practice software? Michelle wanted Rainforest’s bookkeeping to go paperless and digital but also needed a system that could deliver exceptional data quality and task management alongside the key practice features.
  • What made them choose XBert? “XBert’s like having an additional staff member to check our work, ensure subcontractors and supplier details are accurate, and set GST rules to avoid errors in future. Welcome to the team XBert!”
  • How did XBert transform their practice management? “XBert eliminates the non-billable time I used to waste, and I know I’m providing the cleanest set of books. It’s a really exciting app built for professionals. With Xero and Dext, I was able to go paperless, now with XBert CONNECT, I can manage work from anywhere.”
  • What’s the best thing about using XBert? “We’ve worked XBert into our workflow, so we have XBert, Xero and Dext open at the same time to make checks or adjustments to our client work on the fly.”

XBert’s AI-powered practice management

Our mission at XBert is to safeguard and empower your bookkeeping and accounting teams, supercharging your efficiency, precision and ability to offer key insights and advice. 

Our AI algorithms are constantly scanning, reviewing and analysing your client files. Because of this real-time AI analysis, you know you’ll never miss a submission deadline, overlook a missing receipt or fail to spot an important variance or cashflow opportunity. 

As our partners have said, XBert is an extra pair of eyes and hands for your team, keeping you on top of your data, workflows and client collaboration – 24 hours a day.

If you’re looking to embrace the AI revolution in accounting, XBert is the practice management solution that will help you open up those AI, automation and machine learning benefits.

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