The next gen of automation for bookkeepers: XBert Auto-Resolve

In the fast-paced and electronic world we live in, data quality and automation for bookkeepers are key to ensuring strong, efficient, valuable business support.

What's more, both are key strategic initiatives in improving operational efficiencies and ensuring data quality is maintained for businesses, bookkeepers and finance teams. XBert's mission has always been to provide businesses, bookkeepers and finance teams with support to streamline these areas - and with our new Auto-Resolve feature we take it to a whole new level.

XBert is your data quality safety net

We already have 70+ (and more being developed all the time) AI Audit algorithms trawling your Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks data on the daily, alerting you to any errors, issues or inconsistencies in the data. With checks across sales, purchases, payroll, ABN & GST information and so much more, XBert alerts you to any risk, before you even know it exists.

“XBert’s AI Audit is like having a personal assistant. Just today XBert found a $20k plus GST issue between related entities that we were able to solve quickly and seamlessly. Things like Junior employees birthdays (and wage reviews) were almost a pot-luck thing that had to be diarised. Now with XBert – we know it’s being flagged and can be taken care of."

Sue Dowling, Aintree Group Bookkeeper

While our AI Audit feature saves hours of time on its own (see ya time-consuming manual checks) - it's now supercharged with our new Auto-Resolve feature. Now, not only do we alert you to the issue - we can help you resolve it in just one or two clicks, in-app.

XBert Auto-Resolve

XBert Auto-Resolve is all about reducing the time it takes to address issues in your accounting data.

Our smart XBerts will now not only find issues in your accounting software before you even know they exist – they will help you fix them, in one or two clicks, inside the XBert app.  With a simple check of the details and click of the Resolve button - all is sorted for you!

Auto-Resolve also removes barriers from increasing the operational health of the ledger, with new XBerts such as adding tax numbers from the attachments. With Auto-Resolve, we can now unlock actions that would have been manually restrictive before.  

Information like addresses, tax statuses; as well as operational items like invoice reminders, are just a few that we can now help work towards automating. 

This is just the beginning. Along with Auto-Resolve, you’ll find new resolve workflow features, new reports are being created, new videos and best practices on data quality automation.

Save time and money with XBert

Data Quality is vital for business to make smart decisions. Collaborate with your finance team today.

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