The workflow tool that helped our firm grow by 300% every quarter

Whether it’s accounting, tax, bookkeeping, payroll or strategy. XETA is committed to 100% attention, 100% delivery and 100% compliance. And that’s why they use XBert. Founded just three years ago, XETA has seen 300% growth every quarter, is currently 12 times bigger than they were two years ago and has a staff in the double digits. They currently serve more than 1000 individuals for tax returns, 200 SMSFs and advise 115 financial management clients ranging from sole traders right through to ASX-listed companies. Managing Partner Zander De Klerk is confident when he says XBert is the only system they have found that allows them to effectively manage this level of complexity, in workflow and workload.

“I cannot find anything better than XBert when it comes to seeing everything in one place, connecting to absolutely everything and helping our team members be extremely flexible.”

What XBert does for Xeta

"With XBert, you effectively save $65,000/year because you don’t need to hire resourcing staff. You don’t need to hire planners. You don’t need to worry about internal controls and compliance - you’ve got it all built into one system.”

XBert’s workflow tools have been crucial to their ability to deliver high quality results for their clients and scale the business rapidly...all while maintaining work/life balance for their team.

“We’ve broken it down into sectional areas, we’ve broken it down into internal controls... and we have the ability to balance everyone’s workload to make it very easy. When your XBert’s are under control and your tasks are ready and set up the right way - that means we can work from wherever you want to be, because you’ve got a simple dashboard that tells you what’s working and what’s not and it’s easy for us to manage our own time.

Using AI Audit means managers aren’t wasting hours on manual checks, and with full visibility across workflows, employees are empowered to be in control of their workload and clients without being micromanaged.

“If you put all of this stuff together, what it comes down to is a happy team, a satisfied team, and a flexible team that can deal with anything as it arises.”

With the current feature set and consistent delivery on the development roadmap, Zander says XBert is a product XETA will never go without.

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