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Your workdays are frantic, and you probably use several different tools for productivity, collaboration, bookkeeping, and client management. Continually switching from one tool to another is not just time consuming, it can be prone to error. Things are easily missed, and there’s no single, neat audit trail should you require it.

Enter: XBert’s upgraded email integration. Using tasks in XBert makes managing your clients, your books, your team, and your bookkeeping or accounting workflow a breeze – even on the go!

Now, with the latest upgrade to our email integration, you’ll not only be able to turn emails into tasks in an instant; you can then action, forward, communicate and track that task to ensure a neat trail of correspondence and accountability. How does it work?

It’s as simple as:

  • Copy your unique XBert email inbox address from your settings
  • Paste the email address into your email provider, and forward it on, using #note in the subject line if you’re wanting to create a Client Note rather than a Task.
  • Find your new Task or Note in XBert on your Work board, assign to your Email Inbox process.

Each XBert user has a unique XBert email address. The user can send an email to this address, to easily create a task or note using the email content as the body. The subject line of the email becomes the task title. The body of the email becomes the task description and any attachments on the email, will come across as attachments on the task.Email tasks by default will go to No Client bucket on the Work board. From here they can be moved to any client. From here, XBert will remember which client the initial email task is assigned to, and any future email tasks will be routed to the same client, using our patented XBert Smart™ logic.What’s more - if you forward an updated email chain into XBert, it will find the uncompleted task previously created and update the task with the new email body, rather than creating a new task.It’s not just handy for you as the bookkeeper - you can give the unique email address to your clients, and ask them to use it to forward any documentation directly into XBert.

Email integration

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Simply sign up for a free, no-obligation trial, load one (or multiple!) of your Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks files and give it a go! The most exciting part: you’ll also get a free AI Audit of any files loaded, along with 30 days to test out the rest of our intuitive workflow tools in your practice.

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