Bookkeeping workflows: the tech tools you need (and why)

Many of the workflow processes of bookkeeping lend themselves to automation. For many tasks, you’re doing the same thing, in the same way, every month/quarter/annually. Using a tool to automate these processes and tasks not only makes sense for productivity, it makes sense for your back pocket. Clients are also more demanding.

And you can’t blame them – the current global climate requires them to be on top of their financials, in real time, all the time. This leaves little room for mundane, manual tasks. The more of those processes you can automate, the more time you have to spend on the bigger stuff, like helping your clients with accurate data and expert advice.

Why implement a tech tool for your bookkeeping workflows?

  1. Move with the times
  2. Happy team which = happy clients, which = happy YOU.
  3. It’s cost effective & compliance-friendly

Let’s look a little further into each, along with what tools you really shouldn’t be without:

1. Moving with the times

Technology is shifting towards automating and standardizing processes—and if firms don’t adjust, there will be a steep learning curve that will leave them behind. As we move to further digitisation of the bookkeeping and accounting industries (hello, E-Invoicing and Single Touch Payroll) it’s imperative your bookkeeping workflows are tracked in the same way. XBert has set out to be the best productivity tool for bookkeepers and accountants. Built specifically for the way you work, to help you find efficiencies, smooth out your workflow, take the pain away from the mundane daily tasks and give you more time for what really matters in your business – helping businesses with accurate data and better advice.

2. Happy team = happy clients = happy YOU

Nothing creates a thriving business like having a happy team. You create a happy team with excellent culture. Excellent culture includes clarity on expectations and a simple, transparent way to ensure everyone is on the same page. Integrating a system that allows you to collaborate with your team, have full transparency over workflow and the ability to action tasks, is exactly how you create clarity and transparency within the team. With automated processes, the entire team can access the same information. With data being processed in real-time, it decreases wait times. It also reduces errors from duplicate entry or timing issues that occur when data is updated.

3. It’s cost effective & compliance-friendly.

Implementing workflow automation in your bookkeeping business won’t just save you time - it saves you money. Think about all the hours saved trawling through manual checklists and spreadsheets to find out where your team is at…they’re now gone. You have full visibility across your work, and your teams, at any given time. It also gives you an added layer of protection when it comes to compliance. You have on record what has been done, by who, on each task with records of comments and progress. So if something ever goes wrong, or needs to be checked, you know exactly who to go to. This is excellent for staff training as well, with issues able to be addressed quickly and effectively.

Bookkeeping workflow automation features you shouldn’t be without:

Templates & Schedules for bookkeepers

XBert’s Template system has been created specifically for the way bookkeepers and accountants work. Creating Template workflows for all your common and recurring processes like End of Financial Year, quarterly BAS lodgement, Payroll and Superannuation payments makes your life easier. Not only will you automate the creation of recurring tasks; you can customize the schedules on those recurring tasks for different types of clients.

For example, let’s say Debbie has 40 bookkeeping clients. There’s no way she’s going get the bank reconciliation done for all of those clients, on one day. XBert’s scheduling system allows you to customize your Templates, on differing schedules for each client. So, you could have Payroll on Monday every week for client 1-20. Then on Tuesday for clients 20-40. One Template – but the tasks will generate separately, as you need.

Data, trends and insights at your fingertips

Much like when Harry met Sally, when your workflow tool integrates with AI Audit: sparks fly (the good kind, of course). Coupling these two features is the ultimate in practice productivity for bookkeepers. Not only do you have complete visibility over your workflow, can trust the numbers and streamline all your practice processes – you can gain access to insights and trends into your client’s business in a few clicks.Imagine this information available in a White-labelled Client Console, that you can invite your client into. This cements the professionalism and integrity of your business brand, while giving you a central place to collaborate and communicate. You can request information, assign tasks, make notes, store documents and attach relevant files to their account. All there, in a simple system for compliance purposes.

BI Reports blurred

XBert: the best productivity tool for bookkeepers and accountants

XBert is a feature-rich tool audit and productivity tool built specifically for accountants and bookkeepers. With 70+ AI audit risk alerts currently (and more being developed all the time) XBert’s comprehensive AI and machine learning trawls the data multiple times a day, alerting you to any errors, issues and inconsistencies as they arise.That, integrated with workflow productivity tools including templates and scheduling, analytics and business intelligence reports, makes XBert the most exciting tool for accounting professionals looking to streamline their app stack, find efficiencies in their work and scale their business. What you get:

  • Multi-day audit and XBert alerts for accurate data
  • All your clients, processes and tasks on one dashboard
  • Accurate insights for better decisions and advice
  • Collaboration tools to work smarter with team and clients
  • White-labelled Client Console
  • Take control of your inbox and client relationships
  • Real-time notifications while you work
  • Attachment audit and added protection
  • Template tasks to our pre-set processes
  • Scheduling for different client types
  • Smarter analytics and business intelligence reports.
  • Much, much more…

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