XBert officially launches in South Africa at Xero Roadshows

We are excited to announce that XBert, the cutting-edge AI audit & workflow solution built in Australia, is now available for South African Xero Partners.

Come and find XBert at the Xero roadshow in Johannesburg & Cape Town on May 17th & 24th.

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As the founder of XBert, I have a personal connection to a problem you all experience.

My co-founder Aaron Wittman and I have experienced the painful consequences of accounting errors and fraud firsthand in our prior business ventures.

This inspired us to create a solution that would be user-friendly, affordable, and effective for businesses of all sizes.

XBert is designed to empower businesses and accounting professionals with the technology needed to automate accounting processes and prevent costly errors.

Our software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies, discrepancies, and potential fraud in real-time, before they become bigger problems.

Plus, our centralised dashboard streamlines workflow and simplifies compliance, making XBert the ultimate solution for managing VAT regulations and keeping your accounting and bookkeeping firm running smoothly.

At XBert, we believe that everyone should have access to the best technology to improve their business operations. That's why our solution integrates seamlessly with top accounting software platforms like Xero so you can leverage the power of XBert no matter what software you use.

We take pride in providing world-class support and guidance to our clients.

Our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you might have and help you get the most out of XBert.

XBert is the ultimate tool for South African accounting and bookkeeping firms looking to improve accuracy, reduce fraud, and stay compliant with VAT regulations.

Our user-friendly platform, advanced technology, and exceptional support make XBert the smart choice for firms of all sizes.

Thank you for your interest in XBert. We look forward to helping South African firm owners reach their full potential with our innovative software solution.

Troy Brown,
Founder of XBert.

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