You beauty! We're finalists for the Xero Awards

It was massive news for all of us here at XBert when told that we are a Xero App Partner Award finalist for 2019. Having launched to market only three months ago, we're honoured to be one of only three finalists for the Emerging App of the Year category alongside Divipay and A2X for Shopify.
Like Xero, XBert is for businesses. We are working hard to ensure that XBert is the best solution for owners, bookkeepers, and accountants to resolve risk and save money. To know we cut the mustard with Xero, an innovative and leading company that shares our values, is a great achievement for us.
XBert founders, Troy Brown and Aaron Wittman, have spent more than two years on XBert's start-up journey. Troy says this news means it's all been worthwhile.
The team deserves this recognition. They've worked so hard. Aaron and I learned a few business lessons the hard way, then dedicated years to developing XBert. It's very rewarding for Xero to recognise us and the problems XBert solves. We set out to protect business owners and bookkeepers by enabling them to stay a step ahead of the many risks that lead to stress, unnecessary money loss, and business failure.
It's been challenging, but now finally we're offering XBert to businesses, bookkeepers and accountants. It's still just the beginning for us, and we have a lot more to come. With over 800 apps in the Xero ecosystem, everyone that has made it this far should be very proud.
Congratulations to all the finalists. The Xero awards recognise and celebrate partner firms, apps and small businesses who are doing extraordinary things in the life of their businesses or big things in innovation.
You can read more here.

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