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XBert has helped Xeta double in business every quarter

Xeta is a full-stack finance team managing every aspect of its client’s finances. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Planning, BAS & SMSF, Business Strategy and CFO/Advisory; they do it all.

Working with ASX-listed companies, large multinationals and owner -operated private companies, founders Zander De Klerk, Daniel De Wet and David Wright are passionate about working with real people to build life-long relationships.

Across an ever-growing portfolio  of software solutions from Xero  to MYOB, SAP and NetSuite, is a certified partner for complete financial solutions. Working with their clients existing systems, Xeta leads the transformation of their finance function for the 21st Cevntury and helps owners and executives find more time to focus on their core business. And XBert is a vital part  of that.

What was needed?

Having expanded across Australia in 2020 and with a rapidly growing client portfolio, it was imperative Xeta had fail-safe processes and high-scalability systems in place.

Huge advocates of cloud accounting and technology-based solutions, Zander and the team at Xeta had been working with a number of systems to see what f it best.

Zander met XBert founders  Troy Brown and Aaron Wittman  at a Melbourne event. After a recommendation and a tour  of XBert and its features,  he was sold.

The immediate benefit Zander saw was XBert’s “correct” task management.

Xeta doesn’t advertise—our clients are our number one fans and through word-of-mouth we have doubled in size every quarter. We focus on delivery and results. Our proven approach removes the worry from our clients’ businesses, allowing them to focus on their core growth activities: sales, strategy, and cashflow profitability.
–Zander De Klerk

We started by testing XBert using just one client file. We decided in less than half a day that XBert was the future, so we migrated every client file we had across to XBert, shut down our previous systems and never looked back.

“We don’t have to do any managing... we know they’re doing the tasks that need we know they’re doing the tasks that need doing.”

Zander uses the Work Dashboard to manage key controls proactively instead of reactively. He and his fellow partners, managers and staff can go in at any time and know exactly where the team are at, make changes, reassign tasks, ask for more information or check to see if someone needs assistance.

Onboarding new clients has become a breeze using the workflow templates, process templates and customisable process automation tools. Knowing what systems and processes are in place means with just a few clicks, everything is set up and ready to go.

What XBert does for Xeta

For the Xeta team, using XBert is “as natural as breathing”. Within four clicks on any given screen, they can get to where they need to go and find the information they require.

With XBert’s sophisticated machine learning algorithms auditing their client’s data hourly, not only has the term “rework” been removed from the firm’s vocabulary but they’ve also been able to keep their headcount low

“XBert has eliminated the concept of time from our practice—we refuse to use anything else.”

According to Zander, however, there are a “whole bunch of much cooler things” to do with XBert than just auditing.

XBert’s task management system, developed specifically for accounting and bookkeeping practices, has been a gamechanger for Xeta’s productivity.

They hold a simple 10-minute meeting each morning to go over the Work Dashboard, address any issues or questions, then move on for the day.

Each person on the team can work with complete autonomy and knows exactly what is expected of them at any given time

“I want it to be effective, of course, and it is; but correct task management means my team members are always doing the right activities at the right time, every day.”

“We don’t worry about billable hours because our delivery is perfect.”

We just tick five or six boxes and our client is onboarded in less than a day—and we know everything about them. It’s almost as if they’ve been a client for 50 years.
–Zander De Klerk

The future of Xeta + XBert

“I hate the idea that our competition could be using XBert due to its raw power, but of course, that’s why I will always recommend it.”

Xeta and XBert align in their futurefocused models of business and the Xeta team have been an invaluable part of helping to shape XBert’s development roadmap.

The companies are looking forward to continuing a close working relationship well into the future.

Much like the XBert team, Xeta are focused on continual growth and improvement.

We want to keep moving forward and getting better day, after day, after day. XBert has the same philosophy and that’s why it slots in perfectly with what we do.

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