Trina Dando
South Coast Bookkeeping

XBert has saved me having to hire another part-time employee

I realised that XBert was an incredible time saver

Trina Dando of South Coast Bookkeeping has a passion for helping people grow their business. She started her career in small business accounting firms and major bookkeeping franchiser’s businesses, helping them build new businesses. But after many years of building bookkeeping businesses for others, she moved to a small seaside town in Victoria and started building one for herself.

Having always embraced technology, Trina has not only made many aspects of her bookkeeping and business systems easier. When her husband was offered an excellent job in Shoalhaven on the South Coast of NSW, Trina took her practice with her and now continues serving her clients in Victoria, while expanding her client-base across Australia.

What was needed?

Trina first heard about XBert through a survey conducted by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Having been a member for more than a decade and always on the look out for innovative bookkeeping tech solutions to improve work efficiencies, Trina
was intrigued to know more.

She was looking for a way to standardize her practice processes – outside of her own head – and to help streamline her time as her business grew.

Following conversations with the XBert Team, Trina decided XBert could be the solution to help her support her clients in the best way, while keeping the head count of her practice low. She signed up and became a crucial part of XBert’s development roadmap.

South Coast Bookkeeping assists many family-owned and entrepreneurial businesses, through Trina’s expertise and focus on tech-based bookkeeping solutions.

I realized that XBert was an incredible time saver. I currently have a Part Time employee but I don’t need another one for some time, because of the work XBert helps me get done.

What XBert does for South Coast Bookkeeping

After loading her first few client files, Trina immediately saw the benefit of the
comprehensive list of XBert risk alerts and AI-audit features.

“The first thing I really liked was the ABN checks. These aren’t the easiest thing to do manually but you do need to keep on top of. Rather than this being a yearly, time-consuming task, it’s something XBert picks up really quickly and can keep on top of as you’re going through the year.”

XBert’s AI and machine learning technology and range of risk alerts or XBerts helps Trina meet compliance obligations and spot any errors, risks and possible fraud related to Australian Business Numbers (ABNs), Goods and Services Tax (GST) or unregistered businesses.
Auditing the data hourly, XBert automates checks for ABNs, business names, GST registration status, and active or cancelled business registrations. It also cross-checks information on attachments like bills and invoices and monitors the Australian
Business Register (ABR) for any changes.

XBert’s Task & Process automation has helped Trina achieve her goal of having scalable business practices. Her Template Tasks have standardised practice workflows and ensure consistency of her service offerings across clients.

Working with the XBert team, Trina set up her common workflows as Processes in XBert CONNECT and included Template Tasks. These are easily trackable in her Workboard.

Template Tasks can include anything from checklists, workflow steps, requests from clients and agreed communications, client and staff onboarding and more. They can also be set up to recur weekly, monthly, quarterly or as required.

“I have nothing but praise for XBert and the team, and I highly recommend every bookkeeper get on and use it!”
Trina Dando

The future of South Coast Bookkeeping + XBert

For Trina, XBert is a vital part of her business. It has saved her time each week, plus the wage of a new part time employee. Working with the XBert team has been, in her words: “awesome”

The XBert Team is super responsive and I look forward to working with them well into the future.

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