Find GST and ABN errors in minutes and save time on BAS review

Almost 60% of accounting files contain GST or ABN errors – how much time do you spend cleaning them up (and do you catch them all)? AI Audit can help accountants and their bookkeeping teams save hours on clean-up and rework and reduce compliance risk. A whopping 59.9% of 2,242 Xero accounting files audited by XBert's AI in the last quarter contained ABN or GST errors. Whether you’re preparing Business Activity Statement lodgements for clients who do their own bookkeeping, or you simply would like to have a data safety net for your bookkeeping team, AI audit is the perfect way to achieve clean books, in less time and without human error.

AI Audit finds $20K GST issue

Sue Dowling, Bookkeeper for Aintree Group, said using XBert AI Audit has increased productivity by 15% in one month.  

“XBert’s AI Audit is like having a personal assistant. Just today, XBert found a $20k plus GST issue between related entities that we were able to solve quickly and seamlessly.”

This comprehensive audit system, integrated with intuitive workflow tools, has also made work life more enjoyable. She knows she is giving the accounting team the cleanest books possible.

“My job satisfaction has increased. We are far more proactive and able to offer early advice or to make observations thanks to XBert’s AI.”
Sue Dowling, Aintree Group bookkeeper

15-20 minutes saved on every BAS preparation

Mae Kudzius, Bookkeeping Manager – Cloud Specialist at Bray Chan Chartered Accountants said XBert AI Audit is saving them 15-20 minutes per client on an average quarterly Business Activity Statement review.

“We were so impressed at how the AI audit was able to go and detect things we needed to look at. Then to just hit the resolve button - it’s so much quicker and simpler than trawling through transactions on a file to spot something.”

The audit risk alerts are particularly handy when preparing BAS lodgements for clients who do their own bookkeeping.  

"If we’re preparing the BAS’s and there’s something that has heaps of transactions - you won’t click on every single one. But XBert has that ability to get right into it and will note the company’s ABN has been cancelled. Our quality control and audit control is bang on, not just for ourselves and our due diligence, but for our clients as well.”
Mae Kudzius, Bray Chan Chartered Accountants

Check your files for ABN and GST errors

Want to see how clean your files really are? You can check your files for ABN and GST errors in minutes. Simply sign up for a free trial and load your files – and XBert will alert you to any errors.

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