New automated audit check helping bookkeepers increase their bottom line.

Continuing on our mission to make work life easier for bookkeepers, we’ve released a new XBert risk alert. We are well above 70audit checks now, trawling Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks data, helping accounting professionals increase revenue potential and streamline their practice workflow.

Welcome to the family: GST incorrectly entered on ASIC transaction

Although the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) is registered for GST, bills from ASIC are deemed GST exempt. This check will flag, when a transaction type on a bill is most likely entered as GST Inclusive, therefore allocating a GST amount on the transaction.

Let’s say John was entering the bill from ASIC into his accounting system. ASIC is registered for GST, however bills to ASIC are deemed GST exempt. The transaction type of the bill was GST Inclusive, therefore the bill was allocated with a GST amount incorrectly. Rather than you finding this error at the final hour, you can easily go in and resolve the issue in your accounting software quickly and efficiently.


Leading AI audit for bookkeepers

With more than 60 AI Audit risk alerts and more being developed all the time, XBert is the most comprehensive audit tool built for bookkeepers. No longer do bookkeepers have to waste non-billable time checking work or their team’s work. Our smart AI and machine learning will automate mundane data review, freeing up your billable hours and helping you increase your bottom line.XBert will trawl your data looking for issues like duplicates, coding errors, GST and ABN discrepancies and then flagging them for your attention. This removes any surprises right on lodgement deadlines and you can sleep sweet at night knowing the data is accurate. Not only will you save hours right off the bat – you’ll have confidence knowing you can trust the numbers and effectively advise your client on the health of their business moving into a new financial year.XBert alerts also contain a deep link directly to the issue in your accounting software. With one link you can click, resolve or assign to someone to take over. You will no longer waste time on manual work checks, audits or time-consuming rework. It’s all about making your life as simple as we can, while maintaining data integrity.Our tricky XBerts will also recognise any business trends and patterns and alert you to those as well. This means you can get insights into the health of your clients data at the click of a button – allowing you to make informed decisions on onboarding such clients, billing and grow your advisory services.The best part: it’s simple to set up. In just a few clicks, you can have XBert’s 60+ risk alerts trawling your Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks and checking for any errors or issues.

Less time on managerial checks

With XBert alerting you to discrepancies in real time, not only will you know there is an issue right away, you’ll know what it is and have a direct link to fix it. If you’re managing a team, you’ll also know who was responsible and will be able to take appropriate actions and rectify. No more surprises when you start trawling and checking work towards end of month. No more panic stations when you realise something isn’t right.You can also assign tasks, with a deadline to ensure your staff know exactly what is expected of them. Our simple period reporting selector, with filters for team and processes, allows you to know what you and anyone in your team has to do and by when. All at the click of a button.What's more: you can keep your head count low, like Trina Dando of South Coast Bookkeeping, who uses XBert's AI Audit."I currently have a Part Time employee but I don’t need another one for some time, because of the work XBert helps me get done."

Automate manual bookkeeping checks and streamline your entire workflow.

XBert is your trusty sidekick, tirelessly checking the data for errors and helping you manage workflow easily.

  • Sleep better at night knowing XBert is auditing the data and alerting you to errors and inconsistencies as they arise.
  • Work to best practice and increase your bottom line.
  • Collaborate easily with your clients and provide the best advice with smart insights.

Sign up for a 30 day obligation-free trial, load up a Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks files and our customer success team will be in touch to show you how XBert will work best, for you!

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