How to streamline client onboarding and make room for growth

New clients = great for business, right? Except the workload that can come along with onboarding those new clients can not only cap the amount you take on - it can hinder your bottom line if it’s not done properly.

There are a range of issues that come with onboarding a new client. What’s the workload associated with this client? How clean is their data? Is there a backlog? How well do they communicate with you? Do you need to train them in a new system? If you don’t have efficient systems in place, answering these questions can take you valuable time, drastically reduce your profit margin or worse - actually cost you money down the line when you realise just how much work a client is going to take.

The solution for simple client onboarding

With the large shift to fixed-fee billing, analysis of the data and work you’re doing for your client is crucial in determining your fixed-fee billing schedule. And that’s where XBert steps in. If your potential client is reconciling their own books - chances are there’s a fair bit of rework. If you’re inheriting another bookkeepers work - you need to know if there is any clean up. Our accounting and bookkeeping practice users wanted easy access to more detail of their client’s activity, shown over time, so they can more accurately price services for their clients - so we delivered.

Our insights and reporting give you clear, easy to understand information about the state and health of your potential client books in minutes. In particular, our Activity Count report was built specifically for that need. The Activity Count report analyses the last year of activity data, with breakdowns across quarters being the key focus, allowing practices to easily see trends that help shape the pricing for their clients.

This report is interactive, with the ability to drill down to months to also spot trends at a month-by-month level. It’s also organised by the key business functions of Payables, Receivables, Banking and Payroll.

Know what needs attention

On top of the amount of activity on your client books, you will know exactly what needs attention on those files and continue to be alerted as issues, inconsistencies and errors as they arise.That’s exactly what XBert offers busy bookkeepers and accountants. In less than 30 minutes, you can have your client files analysed by XBert’s sophisticated AI Audit and know exactly what needs attention across those files.

Load those files up.

It takes just a few clicks to sign up for a free trial with XBert and load your Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks client files to XBert and find out just how clean they are.XBert's AI Audit immediately takes over, trawling the data, auditing bank feeds, scanning attachments and checking data across business information databases such as the Australian Business Register.In minutes, you will be alerted to any risks like errors, anomalies, patterns and potential fraud and be able to action those, across all your clients, from the one Dashboard. The risk alerts, called XBerts, link directly to the relevant Xero entry or ABR record. You resolve the risk in Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks and can file that XBert away. You can also create tasks and can assign XBerts and tasks to someone to manage.You can correct any mistakes such as duplicate contact records, bills or invoices, know when a supplier is not registered for GST, and reduce the risks associated with unregistered or cancelled businesses.Your books will be more accurate and so will your reports, so you'll have better information to make better business decisions -oth for yourself and in advice for your clients.

Onboarding workflows for bookkeepers

Knowing the health of client data is the first step: but what comes after that? If you’re managing a team - or even if you’re a sole trader bookkeeper looking to be more efficient than spreadsheets and manual checklists - then using an intuitive workflow management system is a must.Using XBert’s Templates, you can automate all your recurring processes, including the onboarding of new clients. Easily track and monitor the workflow across all your clients and team, in one simple dashboard. This provides clarity for your workflow, removes the need for you to follow up and you can easily track what needs to be done, by when thanks to smart filters.Check out how simple it is here.

Streamline your onboarding processes with XBert.

XBert is your trusty sidekick, tirelessly checking the data for errors and helping you manage workflow easily.

  • Sleep better at night knowing XBert is auditing the data and alerting you to errors and inconsistencies as they arise.
  • Work to best practice and increase your bottom line. Onboard new clients with ease.
  • Collaborate easily with your clients and provide the best advice with smart insights.

Sign up for a 30 day obligation-free trial, load up a Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks files and our customer success team will be in touch to show you how XBert will work best, for you!

Save time and money with XBert

Data Quality is vital for business to make smart decisions. Collaborate with your finance team today.

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