Bookkeepers save 15-20 mins on every BAS review using XBert

Bray Chan Chartered Accountants pride themselves on providing the very best in personal, tailored accounting solutions for every industry. The future-focused firm is creative with the solutions they offer, proactively looking to their client’s financial future.This personal approach, combined with the broad nature of their services, means quality control and workflow visibility across multiple teams is paramount. And that’s where XBert came in.

What XBert does for Bray Chan Chartered Accountants

With an expanding bookkeeping team, Bray Chan needed a technology solution that would allow them to assist with audit control, and manage workflow across multiple teams. Bookkeeping Manager - Cloud Specialist Mae Kudzius said they were using a variety of different applications before they discovered XBert.

“The main issue was, you were always bound to miss information because you didn't have everything in one platform. We came across XBert and were really impressed that it had the AI features for audit and you could have all your tasks in one place, too.”

Using XBert to combine their audit control and workflow management has seen a 40% increase in productivity for the bookkeeping team.

“I can go into XBert now and say: ‘Ok we have 110 tasks that haven't been started? Why not? Everything should be assigned - if I see unassigned tasks I can flag it straight away. Coming up to the Christmas break, I can check in and see what tasks we have due in the next couple of weeks - and prioritise what needs to be reassigned and what needs to be done.”

Mae says XBert AI Audit gives them confidence in quality control and audit control - plus, it saves them hours. On an average quarterly BAS review, they’re saving 15-20 minutes per client.

“We were so impressed at how the AI audit was able to go and detect things we needed to look at. Then to just hit the resolve button - it’s so much quicker and more simple than trawling through transactions on a file to spot something.
“Along with the ability to connect to our accounting files and get the overall health check. Especially if we’re not doing the bookkeeping and the client is, it really narrows down what needs to be addressed and what doesn’t.”

Mae said she highly recommends other accounting firms with bookkeeping teams start a free trial and get in touch with the team to discuss bespoke features.

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