Conquer your top Bookkeeping Challenges with XBert - ready for the new financial year!

A step-by-step guide to get set up before EOFY

Bookkeepers face numerous challenges, including adapting to digital transformation, complying with changing regulations, managing time efficiently, and ensuring cybersecurity. 

Our AI-powered platform, XBert, can help you address these challenges and make your work easier. Here’s a quick a step-by-step guide to implementing XBert in your bookkeeping practice.

Step 1: Sign up for XBert - FOR FREE

Visit our website and sign up for a 30 day free trial. After your free trial you’ll be able to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. The registration process is quick and easy and you’ll be logged in to your new XBert account.

Step 2: Connect your accounting software

XBert integrates with popular accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB. Connect your preferred software via the easy to follow prompts during registration. PRO TIP: connect all your client files. Allow our AI Audit to give you complete oversight of exactly what you’re working with  - you can add them at any time, but we suggest doing it straight up. Now get excited to know that no matter what comes up, we’ll help you fix it quickly and easily - often in just a click or two! 

While our AI Audit robots are working their magic - you can see their progress under the “Client” tab, it’s time for you to…

Step 3: Get automated! 

Your free trial comes loaded with best practice templates created by our eXpert industry advisors who are sharing their workflows and processes with you. You can start with these and get a feel for how much time and effort automating your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks makes your life so much easier

XBert also allows you to create custom rules and automated workflows tailored to your clients' unique needs. You can follow our step by step instructions if you’re a do it yourself kinda person or connect with our Customer Success team. We can work with you one on one or in small groups to specific scenarios for your individual needs.

Step 4: Monitor for errors and discrepancies

With our AI-powered audit and error detection, you can ensure the accuracy and compliance of your clients' financial data. It’s as easy as reviewing the 'XBerts’ aka ‘eXpert Business alERTS ' on your workboard or via individual clients to identify and resolve flagged issues. You can set alerts to suit your schedule and services provided to clients. You’ll also feel superpowered the first time you “Auto Resolve” an issue in 5.3 seconds as opposed to 3 - 5 minutes it takes a human to do it manually (yep we timed it). Across your work week it’s the equivalent timesaving of you hiring an extra part time bookkeeper! 

Step 5: Leverage real-time insights and reporting

Utilise our Analytics dashboard and reporting features to gain close to real-time insights into your clients' financial health. Analyse cash flow, business performance, and other key metrics to help them make informed decisions. You can also view potential new clients Data Quality, and Activity Count to accurately quote fixed fee work, get paid quicker and at a rate you’re worth with the confidence to do so quickly and easily. If you like the sound of this, you can watch this masterclass on How to Offer Fixed-Fee Pricing.   

Step 6: Collaborate and communicate with your team or clients

Take advantage of XBert's collaboration and communication features by inviting your team if you’re working with one or your clients to join the platform. Allocate work based on workload and deadlines, create complete peace of mind knowing who’s doing what and when - and that it’s getting done on time and to a consistent quality even if you’re working with a remote team. Share financial reports with clients, discuss potential issues, and keep them informed about regulatory changes.

Step 7: Stay updated with XBert's ongoing improvements

As the financial and regulatory landscape evolves, XBert continually updates its platform. Stay current with industry developments by regularly checking for updates and exploring new features. You can join our Facebook Discussion Group at any time. 

We’re here to help you implement XBert in your bookkeeping practice. We offer support to suit your business needs and learning style. You can use our self paced “Get The Smarts To XBert” platform, with step by step set up instructions. You can join our regular masterclasses and small group sessions or you can work with our Customer Success team one on one if you’d prefer us to get your up and running as fast as possible (we call this option the Fast Track and it comes with some pretty awesome bonuses).

We want to see as many of you as possible overcome the top challenges faced by bookkeepers and streamline your processes. Embrace the power of XBert and elevate your bookkeeping practice to new heights! 

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